The Dumping Grounds

February 9, 2018 | 4 Comments » | Topics: The Dumping Grounds

Casually Explained: Introverts and Extraverts


Teary-Eyed Elon Musk On Not Giving Up, Even When Your Heroes Are Against You


A USAF A-10C Thunderbolt II strikes an insurgent vehicle on January 24, 2018


Teacher Gives Fake Spelling Test as April Fools Prank


‘Hulk’ Brothers Risk Death By Injecting Muscle-Building Chemicals


What happened to MGMT


A Night At The Garden – In 1939, 20,000 Americans rallied in New York’s Madison Square Garden to celebrate the rise of Nazism – an event largely forgotten from American history


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  • Josh Gordon

    That second burst wasnt even necessary that pilot just decided fuck those guys in particular hahahaha. I’ve always wondered in a situation like this out in the country, is there someone who cleans up the mess or do they just leave em there?

    • noseriously

      Sand coyotes………

      • mez

        or camel spiders

  • Tingle

    MGMT was awesome.