Chinese Man Claims He Can Predict a Woman’s Future by Fondling Her Breasts

February 14, 2018 | 5 Comments » | Topics: Story

An elderly man, believed to be a mystic in China, has a very strange way of telling the fortune of his clients. The unnamed Chinese clairvoyant is said to be able to tell a woman’s future by fondling her breasts.

A short footage of ‘Mr. Strange’ performing his unique fortune-telling techniques was recently uploaded and shared online. The video has since gone viral in Chinese social media and has accumulated hundreds of thousands of views, reported the Mirror.

Initially posted by a user called Xiao Yuwen on the Chinese video-sharing site Miaopai, the mysterious man is shown to be quite busy at his “craft,” cupping a client’s breasts with one hand while holding a pair of crutches on his other hand.

His stoic facial expression seems to indicate his high level of focus and concentration. The woman, while patiently awaiting the prediction, quietly rests her chin on her hand. Meanwhile, onlookers curiously watched as the master does his thing.


In China, fortune telling through palm reading, face reading, numerology, astrology and other forms of divination have been part of the traditional culture since ancient times and have persistently enjoyed mainstream acceptance even in modern times.

Strange as this may seem, reading a person’s personality through their breasts has been practiced in other cultures. In Spain, the character and personality of a woman is said to be determined by a practice called sternomancy, which involves keen observation of the bumps that exist from the breasts to the belly. 

In Japan, a form of divination called “nyuurin uranai” also determines the personality of a person by the shape and color of his or her nipples.

Although his practice may have been inspired by such methods, the Chinese master’s boob-reading technique looked like a unique method that he himself developed.

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  • Nakka

    It’s strange and hard to believe, but I have this ability too. I’ve had it from a young age – when fondling and looking at a woman’s breasts, I get visions. Sometimes they are of the past and sometimes the future. When they are in the future, they can be used to avoid intense (and often tragic) situations. For example, I once told a woman about a multi-car accident that she avoided causing by taking a different route to work on the day. It works best when the chi is the strongest, in women around 20 years of age.

    • Just Dave

      Weird, I have the same ability! Mine’s not as good though because I have to touch a guy’s penis to do it. I haven’t practiced in years.

  • Pauly Incorrect

    I have a similar ability as well, although it’s most effective while tickling female tonsils with the head of my penis.

  • YUGE


  • TrumpUup💪🏻

    old dude is a PIMP…!!!