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You are not entitled to feeling confident.

Sorry, that’s just not how this world works.

True self-confidence and skill-specific confidence are built and earned through months and years of practice and developing high levels of competence.

It’s the result of deliberate practice, the conscious expansion of your comfort zone, and more fuck-ups and failures than you probably want to accept.

Fighter pilots aren’t just born confident in their ability to maneuver fighter jets at high speeds. They become confident by practicing their craft for years.

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t just naturally confident in their business acumen. They become confident by starting, failing, and scaling businesses until they have a system that works.

Competence breeds confidence. And if you want true self-confidence, the only way to earn it is through years of developing your competence in important areas of life.

No one can “Give” you confidence.

Nothing will “Make” you a confident person except for action.


There are a number of psychological and physiological techniques that you can use to instantly increase your baseline confidence levels.

The brunt of this guide is dedicated to teaching you those techniques.

However, developing deep and unshakable confidence in yourself, your worth, and your ability will take time and hard work.

You cannot become a truly confident person overnight or even over the course of a few months.

You can’t fool your brain into permanent confidence and there are no shortcuts to dramatically increase your self-esteem.

So before we move on I want you to get one important thing through your head.

You aren’t entitled to sh*t.

You aren’t entitled to confidence simply because you exist.

So if you are someone who likes to blame others for their failures or complain about how other men are just “Naturally” confident, then don’t waste your time with this guide because it’s not going to help you fix a broken worldview.

However, if you are willing to take responsibility for your life, your success, and your emotional states then the tactics that I am about to share will help you accelerate your confidence levels at a startling pace.

Let’s dive in.

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