The Heartbreaking Story Of Kwan The Sun Bear

March 12, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: TRUTH

The heartbreaking story of a young sun bear kept in a dark room for most of her short life is a searing example of the unthinkable suffering people inflict upon animals captured for the wildlife trade.

Abandoned and neglected, she was in a horrific state when she was found in a temple that was serving as a defunct sanctuary by her rescuers, Edwin Wiek and his team at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand. Deprived of sunlight and emaciated, the poor bear had lost most of her hair and had sores all over her body. She no longer resembled a sun bear.

Despite heroic efforts to save her life, Kwan passed away the following day.

It is miraculous that she had clung onto to her life for so long. Oblivious and cut off from the outside world, she lived in purgatory, surviving under appalling conditions, only to die in the arms of her saviors. It was almost as if she was waiting for her rescue – a chance not only to see the sun again but to tell her story to the world.

Kwan is a victim of the exotic pet trade, which is thriving in Thailand. Many people buy young bears and other animals as pets, but soon realize they’re unprepared to care for them and dump them at Buddhist temples, where they think they’ll be safe. Many of these temples are well-meaning but equally unprepared to care for exotic wildlife; the worst ones capitalize on it, encouraging people to give them animals so they can create cruel menageries, attracting visitors and money alike.