21 Fast Food Employees Reveal Foods That You Should Never Order

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1. If you see something on the menu and can’t find at least one or two other items that the ingredients could be used in, don’t order it. For example, my restaurant has a pulled pork sandwich. We don’t use the pork for anything else. Since it’s not ordered too frequently, it’s not fresh and the product you’re eating might be days or weeks old. It’s not going to get you sick, but it definitely won’t be as fresh as the other things on the menu.

I used to work at chipotle, and never ever ever order the Tacos. You get less than half the regular portions. Instead, order a bowl with whatever you want in it, then ask for the taco shells, hard or soft, on the side. When I was there, the shells were free to get on the side. Im sure they still are but im not 100% sure


3. Tuna sandwiches. 80% mayonnaise.


4. I work at a Buffalo Wild Wings. Don’t get anything other than the wings. That’s the only quality thing there. Everything else is frozen shit.


5. Worked at KFC for ~4 years. The BBQ sandwich is actually made from chicken too old and stale to give to the homeless shelters, so they soak it in BBQ sauce until it can be pulled and then they keep it on the heater for a month.


6. I used to work at 7-11, so i’m gonna say any of the taquitos or hotdogs around midnight, up through about 4 or 5AM. around midnight you can be almost assured that these are now high-mileage. That hotdog might have more miles than your car.


7. Don’t order the salad. We have to add a butt-load of fatty ranch dressing and fried chicken to cover up the taste of the vile, old iceberg lettuce.


8. At our subway, The “oven roasted” chicken was actually boiled in a microwave.


9. Jimmy John’s…If you’re trying to order a healthy option, don’t order the Gourmet Veggie Club. It’s the second most caloric sandwich behind something called the “Gargantuan”. 8 slices of provolone cheese will do that.


10. Starbucks — don’t order something from the “secret menu”. We sure as shit don’t know what a Snickerdoodle frappuccino is, as it is not a menu item. Employees would be more than happy to make you a drink if you just explain the recipe rather than the name of it. I’ll make you diabetes in a goddamn cup if you just tell me what you want in there. Just don’t get mad at me for not knowing a whole menu customers created.


11. Anything egg related after breakfast ends. They keep a very small amount warm after breakfast and it tends to get old fast.


12. I used to work at Boston Market. They’re pretty good. The only thing I can think of is that any chicken that isn’t on the bone (sandwich, pot pie, etc) is day old, or more, leftover chicken.


13. All Starbucks food is reheated frozen food. Ridiculous how little people realize that. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste good, it’s just not fresh at all and incredibly overpriced.


14. Ex Sonic Employee here: Don’t order Steak or Grilled Chicken… EVER

Don’t get the new Ultimate Chicken sandwiches, they’re insanely overpriced and the normal crispy chicken sandwiches taste better anyway. The best time to get fresh food is when the place is busy as they’re less likely to give you something that’s been in the hold for an hour, or their hold will continually be fresh. If there’s a sale going on for something like “half priced hotdogs, or half priced burgers” only order a reasonable amount if you want quality. If someone orders 20 burgers in the middle of a rush on half priced burger day we give no fucks, we will throw that bitch together so sloppily you’ll barely be able to call it a burger. This doesn’t apply to half priced corndogs, however, as we’re able to just make a bunch at a time anyway. Don’t get the chilli. It comes in a bag, gets warmed up in a metal tub and then sits for 10 hours until we run out and replace it, it’s also just not very good to begin with. Try the seasoned popcorn chicken, the BBQ and garlic parmesan flavors are actually really good. If you’re allergic to any kinds of foods be weary, onions are in the same dressing station as the rest of the condiments and cross contamination is not our problem. The same goes for peanuts with the shakes. If you’re getting a milkshake be aware that there are three different kinds (and therefore three different prices) there’s the normal shakes, the master shakes, and the new creamery shakes (the creamery shakes are actually good, just don’t get the lavender one.) And if you’re getting a slushy the same thing applies only it’s normal slush, candy slush, and real fruit slush. If you’re at a stall and the card reader isn’t working just wait for the carhop to come out and give them your card, don’t call in again to ask why the card reader isn’t working. Don’t hit on the carhops, it’s a shitty job and they have to put on a smile when they deal with you. They’re not smiling because they like you and if they do want to flirt with you for whatever reason they will make it VERY clear. Sonics are dirty (at least in the region I worked.) We were continually understaffed and expected to run the entire place with a small crew and clean. We do the best we can but we don’t get paid enough to stay after our shift and work off the clock cleaning up, it sucks but that’s the way it goes.


15. I’ve worked at 4 restaurants in my life and lemons and ice are by far the most disgusting things you can get” The skin of a lemon contains several thousand pours that can hold bacteria. If the lemons are not carefully washed prior to use, there is a chance that bacterial can make its way into your water. 


16. I used to work in a baseball park concession stand. The short answer is not to order anything, but if you absolutely have to buy something, don’t buy the hotdogs.

Do not. Buy. The Hot Dogs.

They made it out of the package okay, and might even have been edible after we finished grilling them – and then they went into the water. We kept three pans of water at the back of the grill that held the hot dogs. Any hot dogs left at the end of the day went back into the fridge, and came out again the next day. Me and the other cook put our feet down on throwing out the water and old hotdogs after two full days, but the management didn’t want to let us.


17. I used to work at Wendy’s. The meat used in the chili, yeah that comes from the meat on the grill top that expires and dries up that’s put in to a warming drawer until you have enough for a batch of chili, which we first freeze and then thaw the next day. Also if the chili sitting in the warmer doesn’t sell fast enough we just added hot water to it to mix it up.


18. Panera – pasta; it’s all microwaved, this includes Mac and cheese. Smoothies/frozen drinks- nasty base crap that smells and it’s sticky. Cupcakes/coffee cakes- all come frozen. Best items are the real sandwhich/ salads. Real ingredients and usually fresh.


19. If you’re really short on time, don’t count on chicken tenders or grilled chicken sandwiches or salads being made quickly at Burger King. I remember that the tenders took forever to cook and we didn’t really make them that often, so most times they were made to order. Same for the grilled chicken.

Everything else is whatever, I mean, still shitty because it’s burger King but the normal amount of shitty.


20. I work for Mcdonald’s and make sure everyone that matters to me never orders anything that comes out of the ‘McCafe’ machine as these are routinely neglected, in practically all the McDonalds. Not only are staff not properly trained in its cleaning and maintenance, at almost every McDonalds I’ve had experience with, the managers in charge of training them don’t know fuck all either…All McCafe beverages run through a horrifically dirty machine – we’re talking 5+ inches of uncleaned, liquid bullshit making up its inside parts


21. I worked at taco bell a little bit ago and I warn everyone to stay away from both the beans, and the steak. The beans start out looking like cat food, and the directions are, ‘Add water and stir until you can’t see white anymore.’ The steak was just the worst on dish duty. If it would sit too long it would become like hair gel. It was the worst.


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