Couple Turns A Toyota Tacoma Into An Adventure Truck To Travel And Explore The World

April 3, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: main

After three months of hard work, my partner and I created our dream adventure rig. If you want to follow our travels, our instagram is @get.the.truck.out


When folded down it’s compact and off-road ready

Our cozy interior fit for two

Here is the finished over cab sleeping area with a slide out bed frame. You can see the additional storage doubles as a fold down desk with a computer compartment and room for kitchen supplies

The battery compartment houses a second battery enclosed in a vented box and all of the electrical components: battery isolator, voltage meter, fuse box, ground strip, and inverter

We used jerry cans for our fresh and grey water which can be easily filled and switched. We cut a hole in the jerry can shown to tightly fit the sink drain

We found baskets that functioned as pull out drawers and also mounted our propane tank securely to the cabinet frame

The finished interior with the bed slid out and mattress unfolded. Our dimmable Christmas lights can be controlled from the tray behind the pillows

A shot of the interior with the bed frame slid back and the mattress folded on top. You can see the rail and mounts for securing the bed when its pulled out.

Easy mornings cooking in the kitchen…

… or cooking on the go with a fold down table on the end of our storage bench

Rugged enough to get us anywhere…

…but cozy enough to call home

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