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April 4, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

(photo: @bbergher)

How do I get over my crippling laziness? Even when the reward warrants the effort, I tend to stall out.



Hey Kyle:

You need to learn to love the process, dude, not just the reward.

Working toward a goal, big or small, is like taking a long walk from one place to another. Some people trudge along, only thinking about what things will be like when they get to their destination, spending the whole walk staring down at their feet in despair. “I can’t wait to get there…” they say. This mentality saps your motivation, makes you dislike what you take on, and causes you to stall out. You start to question whether it’s worth walking to that place at all, and you might even convince yourself that it’s just easier to go back.

Other people, however, know they’re walking toward something, but allow themselves to enjoy the walk itself. They bop along to music, stop for coffee, take photos, and instead of staring down at their feet, they keep their head up, in search of the next little joy that keeps the walk from becoming a shoe-less march on frozen ground. “I’ll get there eventually,” they say. And they will.

It’s not that some people have more motivation than others, like it’s some sort of resource bottled up inside our brains. You weren’t short-changed on motivation juice at birth. It’s that they know that motivation is something you cultivate, and something you care for once you have it. Whether you’re in school, at work, or just trying to find the drive to vacuum your damn house, finding a way to love the process is the key.

It’s about the journey, Kyle, not the destination. Always.

And when in doubt, do what I do and follow the Nike rule: just do it. I tell myself to stop being such a lazy piece of garbage and try to make my existence worthwhile. I suggest you do the same. But you have to give a shit in order to try, and nobody else can do that part for you.