The Daily Man-Up

April 12, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

(photo: @ayahya09)

To the procrastinator, starting a task feels always feels dangerous, because it’s the first moment you can be exposed as a hack or a fool. You can ponder, plan, and envision a task indefinitely, while enjoying a certain sense of safety. But the moment of actually starting brings real-world dangers into the picture: failure, ridicule, complications, and maybe the discovery of a new, deeper level to your ineptitude.

So before you start, you look for a little more assurance that things will go well for you. This inevitably leads to more planning, more thinking, perhaps some flow-charting of possibilities (either mentally or on paper), maybe some haphazard web research. One reliable standby is a thorough round of house cleaning, in order to clarify the mind. Or why not a spa day, to rejuvenate?

How prepared do you need to feel? It’s hard to say, but it’s always a little more than you feel now.

Confidence is helpful for any task, but in reality there’s little you can do to create it before starting. Once you actually start the task itself, things begin to fall into order. You quickly discover where the real effort is required, what’s surprisingly easy, and what possibilities you can ignore. The tendrils of the flowchart fall away. You just do the next thing.

Almost magically, the task shrinks before you, because it’s no longer composed entirely of your imagination. Only then, when some of the reality of the task is behind you, does confidence make its first appearance.

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