High Schooler Accused Of Cultural Appropriation And Racism For Wearing Chinese Dress To Her Prom

May 2, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Story

Keziah Daum is an 18-year-old girl who recently received a lot of hate online for her dress. Many people were not happy about Keziah’s choice to wear a stunning Chinese qipao to her high school prom. Things got really bad on April 22nd when she posted a picture of herself in the dress on Twitter. People started calling her dress a form of ‘cultural appropriation’ and ‘casual racism’. Others  defended Keziah, saying that her dress is about people sharing their cultures and traditions, and bullying an 18-year-old girl just because of her dress is not a form of justice.

Daum’s photos sparked a social media eruption. One tweetstorm against Daum’s dress choice started off with the stark line, “My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress.”

Jeremy Lam then went into great detail about the history of the dress over numerous follow-up posts before ending his thread by saying, “I’m proud of my culture, including the extreme barriers marginalized people within that culture have had to overcome those obstacles. For it to simply be subject to American consumerism and cater to a white audience, is parallel to colonial ideology.”

Others followed suit:

Daum’s reply to her detractors?

“To everyone causing so much negativity: I mean no disrespect to the Chinese culture. I’m simply showing my appreciation to their culture. I’m not deleting my post because I’ve done nothing but show my love for the culture,” she wrote on Twitter. “It’s a f***ing dress. And it’s beautiful.”

Daum concluded that “there are people who are going to find something to offend them no matter what it is,”

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