A Few Clips Guaranteed To Make You Feel Better About Life

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Bone marrow donor give special birthday surprise to the man he saved

It had been two years since Bruce Becke received a life-saving bone marrow transplant from a 26-year-old named Mike Drisgill. Becke, who had been battling leukemia, had never come face-to-face with Drisgill. All he knew was that the Maryland man’s donation had saved his life. So as a means of surprising Becke for his birthday, the compassionate donor and his family flew from Baltimore, Maryland to New Buffalo, Michigan. Becke was absolutely shocked, but extremely happy to have met the man who saved his life. He said the meeting was “a blessed thing that I hope more people can witness.” Both men also hope that their meeting will inspire others to join the donor registry.5

Here are some links with information on how you can join the registry in your country to potentially be matched as a donor:




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"A best friend of mine and I have daughters the same age. We introduced them via FaceTime 4 years ago. They’ve talked daily since and are best friends. They live 7+ hours away and our schedules never lined up to have them meet in person until this moment. Neither of them knew it was happening."


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Your parents trying to get you to come inside for dinner when you were playing outside growing up 

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