The Daily Man-Up

May 7, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

Our habits are who we are and who we’re going to become.

Most of us, myself included, allow our weaknesses to become habitual.

We habitually watch too much TV. We habitually get distracted when we work. We habitually take days off from the gym. We habitually take the easy path, the path of avoidance, the path of excuses, of reasons not to work, to go the extra mile, to build something better than what we have.

Every day – and think about this with some real introspection – you’re training to become a winner or a loser.

Your habits are what you’re practicing. If you’re practicing focused, hard work on the things that matter, then you’re practicing winning.

If your habits are of avoidance of the things that are important, of laziness, of taking the easy road, then you’re practicing to be a loser.

The things you’re doing TODAY are a part of this training.

Think of how important this is.

Imagine going on as you’ve gone on up to this point and ending your life as a loser, someone who didn’t accomplish a single thing he set out to accomplish?!

Picture yourself on your deathbed filled with regret, wishing you’d done the work, wishing you’d taken the risk, wishing that hard work and focus were your habits not TV and internet surfing.

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