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May 15, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

david goggins - life isn't fair

Life Isn’t Fair…Roger On! 

Maybe you were born with a learning disability. Maybe your childhood sucked. Maybe you worked your ass off but a person doing half the work got the raise. I could be here all day giving you examples about how “unfair” life is. We can blame our parents, teachers, bosses, husbands, wives, etc. Bottom line, the “life isn’t fair” mindset is fucking poison to your mind! 
Nowadays schools don’t want to give kids failing grades. In sports, they don’t want any kid to lose so everyone gets a participation trophy. Once you get into the real world, life doesn’t play by those rules. In the real world, you could work the hardest and be the best and still lose! 

Since we know life can be unfair, use that shit as fuel to make it! As unfair as it can be, some people embrace it and simply say fuck it! 
Everyday we hear and see stories of people who defy the odds and overcome mental health issues, physical disabilities, bad childhoods, having no money, being fired, etc., and accomplish amazing things! These people were dealt a bad hand and yet found a way to win! All these people and many more could have bitched and simply been a victim and chosen to done nothing. Instead, these people took a different approach! They had the mindset that you should take everything from me because it’s not fair to everyone else! 
Although life isn’t fair it’s also a fucking mindset! Everyone has a weakness…don’t let a weak mentality be yours!!! You don’t have control of everything in life but you have control over how you approach life. Don’t complain, just learn to bring the pain! 

Determination over devastation!

― David Goggins