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May 21, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

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A great life is merely a collection of victorious days

You’ve won a day before. It was the day where you woke up earlier, got to work with more focus. Time flew. Maybe you forgot to eat breakfast.

The minutes flew by but the work you did within them was focused. You weren’t distracted by Facebook or Youtube or emails. You just worked.

Before you could look at the clock and realize your work day still had time left in it, you were done. So you left early with far more accomplished than a normal work day, home to see your family.

The quality of your day continued there, where you were in the moment, enjoying their company. You had time to read and to plan tomorrow.

We’ve all won days, but few of us win all of them, or even most of them.

The reality is we lose far more than we win.

We lose our battles against procrastination, against laziness and lust and envy.

We spend more time surfing the net than working, more time in “research” than actual product creation. We’re a victim to our desires. They have a powerful hold on us and they hold us back from living a good and great life.

They keep us as but a shell of who we can be and what we can accomplish.


Rarely do we take the time to define what holds us back. Most of us know it, but we don’t communicate it. We don’t put it on paper as something we should stay away from and ward off.

Desires can be good. But they’re often bad. They pull us from our work, the things in our lives that push us toward our bigger picture, our end goal.


If you don’t know the single most important thing you should be focused on during your day, you’ll have two things, three things, even four things that command your attention.

Without your focus spread thin, there’s no chance you can win your day.


Determine what your ideal day looks like, and replicate it.

Determine what time you need to wake up, what the most important task is and give your best hours to it.

Don’t leave your success and happiness in life to chance, make a battle plan and win.

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