15 Amazing Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

May 25, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Products

Between work calls and texting you gifs and emojis, it’s easy for dad to lose track of how much juice is left on his smartphone. Anker Portable Charger combine style and function, stuffing up to two times the extra battery power inside a sleek design.



With a finely-honed, stainless steel folding blade, and a hard beechwood handle, the classic Opinel knife has been a popular pocket option for anyone from vinters to farmers to cheesemongers across Europe.This Opinel Knife is an excellent choice for an everyday carry



This palm-sized projector fits anywhere, travels well and has surprisingly good image quality. RIF6 CUBE Mobile Pico Projector



Iron Out Any Wrinkle With This Portable Tool. Collar Perfect

A compact and quick ironing solution that works by clamping onto collars, cuffs, creases, between buttons, and other parts to smooth out wrinkles. What makes it Perfect is the ability to transform by opening to flatten the wings for use like a regular iron.



This Tool Makes Skinning Fish Super Easy. SKINZIT Electric Fish Skinner

This device removes rib bones and skin from the fillet in two simple steps. The first pass rolls out the rib bones, the second pass removes the skin with full meat retention. It’s really that easy!



For The Whiskey Loving Dad. Don’t let your dad water down his expensive whiskey with ice! These Whiskey Stones will chill your selection and save all the notes, intricacies and flavors that the distiller worked so hard to produce.




The Bug-A-Salt Shoots A Shotgun Spray Of Table Salt And Decimates Flies On Contact


This unique device provides the best massaging experience that your feet can ever have. Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager



Does dad like to work out? Travel a lot? Then this will be his new favorite gift. The most packable and portable home gym around, the TRX System maximizes your workout while minimizing your equipment needs.



For The Dad Who Loves Coffee. The Aeropress Makes The Best Damn Cup Of Coffee



Best Pair of Socks You And Your Father Will Ever Own. Socks, with a lifetime guarantee? Yes. Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Socks



This Bulletproof Stanley Classic Thermos That’s Just Like The One Your Grandfather Used. It’s a classic for a reason. It just works. Forever



The California Car Duster does a great job for what I call “tune up” cleaning. It takes me just a couple of minutes to clean the whole car and it looks beautiful again. It will not remove bugs or rain streaks, but if you use your car only on sunny days, this brush does an amazingly quick job to make it sparkle just as if you had it just polished.



This is the last razor your dad will ever need. The blades cost 9¢ each and last a week. For $4.50, I get a year’s worth of shaves. How much do you spend on Fusion cartridges in a year?

The Merkur Futur provides an excellent shave quality because you are really able to experiment with how aggressive your razor should be for the type of facial hair that you have. And unlike most other adjustable razors that I’ve tried, this razor was built with tons of love. The craftsmanship of merkur always impresses me. This safety razor has a decently long handle and weighs a good amount. The balance is very good if you in place your fingers on the handle where the indentation is. The grip is subpar but that is the sacrifice you need to make for a beautiful chrome specimen. This is a fantastic razor for all levels of wet shavers


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