Fascinating Photos Collected From History

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A Kamikaze Pilot before Commencing His Last Mission, 1944-1945

The Last Letters Of Kamikaze Pilots


Beauty pageant winners in 1922


A U.S. Marine, killed by Japanese sniper fire, still holds his weapon as he lies in the black volcanic sand of Iwo Jima. February 19, 1945. 


A Tsam Mask Dance at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, ca. 1925


The headquarters of Mussolini’s Italian Fascist Party, 1934


Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels at Charlottenburg Theatre, Berlin, 1939

Bonus Footage:


Police look for clues in a home of a man who accidentally hung himself during a BDSM sessions with his girlfriend in LA, US in 1952


Tim Allen’s Mugshot after being arrested in 1978 for possession of over 1.43 lb of cocaine

On October 2, 1978, Tim Allen was arrested in the Kalamazoo-Battle Creek International Airport for possession of over 650 grams (1.4 lb) of cocaine. He subsequently pleaded guilty to drug trafficking, and provided the names of other dealers in exchange for a sentence of three to seven years, instead of possible life imprisonment. He was paroled on June 12, 1981 after serving 2 years and 4 months in the Federal Correctional Institution in Sandstone, Minnesota.


Members of the Red Warriors – a Paris street gang that used violent force to remove neo-Nazis from France in the mid-late 1980s


Al Capone’s FBI criminal record, showing most of his criminal charges were dismissed. 1932


Army mugshot of Elvis from the late 1950s.


This is Hannah Stilley and is even in the league of THE oldest person to have been photograpehed… Born in 1746 she lived in Colonial America, was ten years old when Mozart was born lived trough the Revolutionary War, the French Revolution and during the Napoleonic Wars. This photo was taken in 1840 just before she passed away.


The corpse of the famous outlaw, Jesse James, shortly after his death in 1882.

James was murdered by his gang member, Robert Ford, when he was cleaning a picture above the mantle in his house. Robert shot Jesse in the back of the head, hoping to get the state bounty for taking out Jesse.

Robert and his brother Charles, surrendered themselves to the authorities, but were sentenced to death after being charged with first degree murder, they were granted full pardon shortly after though. Robert himself was murdered in 1892.


A man has his nose measured as part of Aryan race determination tests in Nazi Germany, 1940.


A race education class at a school for German girls, 1943

The three groups displayed on the poster are, from top to bottom, “ostbaltische Rasse” (“East Baltic race”), “ostische Rasse” (“Alpine race”), and “dinarische Rasse” (“Dinaric race”). All these three groups were considered part of the sub-races of the Caucasian race, others including the Nordic and Mediterranean.

The Nazis went to great extents on teaching the German youth to be proud of their race through biology teaching, the National Socialist Teachers League (NSLB) in particular taught in schools that they should be proud of their race and not to race mix. Race biology was meant to encourage the Germans to maintain their racial purity, the NSLB stressed that as early as primary schools Germans have to work on only the Nordic racial element of the German Volk (people) again and again and have to contrast this with the racial differences that foreign peoples such as the Jews represent.


Five year old girl, after a day’s work that began at 5am, was tired and refused to be photographed. The mother said, “Oh, she’s ugly, and picking shrimp is very hard on the fingers.” Biloxi, MS, 1911,


Grigori Rasputin with his admirers. 1914


First Miss America Pageant 1921


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