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Sweep The Leg, Johnny! I am 59 years old and a Brazilian jiu jitsu addict – Anthony Bourdain

How to Increase Your Chances of Having a Long, Healthy Life – NY Times

Mr. Rogers Had a Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Children – The Atlantic

What if Star Wars never happened? Imagining a world where George Lucas’ space fantasy didn’t revolutionize Hollywood – Polygon

These Are the Top 25 U.S. Cities With the Lowest Cost of Living – Mental Floss

5 Foods That Slow Your Metabolism More Than Anything Else – Byrdie

You should apply a retinol cream every night if you want to stay looking younger – Amazon

How To Manage Your Mood – Darius Foroux

AI can predict when we’ll die — here’s why that’s a good thing – Mach

US Kindergartens Now Teaching Nursery Rhymes To Prep Kids For School Shooters – Pedestrian

26 Photos That Will Melt Even the Toughest Hearts With Their Stories – Brightside

This Vintage Quiz Can Tell You How Much Self Esteem You Have – Curiosity

Dumbass Kid Uses Lighter In Car Full of Laughing Gas – Leenks

5 People Who Exploited Loopholes In Ridiculous Ways – Cracked

Kara Del Toro’s Beautiful Bikini Body To Celebrate The Sunshine – Egotastic

Unbelievably Grim And Surprisingly Mundane Photos From Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment – Ranker

What Makes Me Eligible for an Exorcism? – Mel Magazine

What Living On $100,000 A Year Looks Like – NPR

Meet the Five Most Exciting Prospects at the 2018 World Cup – The Ringer

Demi Rose Mawby riding a horse in a bikini…dayum! – Drunken Stepfather

Interview With a Corporate Banker Who Microdosed His Way to the Top – VICE

Who Gave Magic Johnson HIV? – Deadspin

How to Completely Ignore Distractions and Consistently Enter Flow States – Medium

8 Harvard University Courses You Can Take Right Now, for Free – Big Think

How to build a startup while having a full-time job — according to people who did it – The Next Web

Victoria Justice, Sofia Vergara and Other Random Women – G-Celeb

10 Facts Everyone Forgets About World War II – Listverse

Britney Spears got a Plump Bikini Booty! – The Slip

An Exclusive Guide To Damaged Women (ignore at your own risk) – Christian McQueen

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