A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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Chalkboard of a kindergarten classroom in America


Barber shop style guide late 70’s 


This is why you don’t park in the striped area in a handicap zone


 Obama and Anthony Bourdain enjoy dinner and a beer


This restaurant in Vietnam was so honored by the visit that they framed the table and stools.


An 86-year-old wrote a positive review for her local paper about a new Olive Garden. She was mercilessly mocked by the Internet. Anthony Bourdain thought she had wonderful thoughts on small town dining. So he published a book of her reviews

The importance of a fire door and the appropriate hardware


These two boys had been exposed to the same smallpox source. One had been vaccinated, the other hadn’t.


Meet Nyakim Gatwech aka “Queen of The Dark”


 All tobacco products sold in Norway must come in the same colored package with no other graphics or logos, to make smoking less appealing to the youth.


Orders to the soldiers on D-Day


Who thought this was a good idea?


In 2002, 19 year old garbage man Mickey Carroll won 13 million dollars on a lottery ticket. He spent it all on gambling, cocaine, and prostitutes. He is currently back at his old job collecting garbage


Woman who cons men on a dating site then falsely accuses them of assault, and steals their possessions while they were in jail, is sentenced (article)


This obituary is ice cold 


High Speed Ejection Seat Tests


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