There’s a ‘Reparations Happy Hour’ in Portland Where Black Attendees Get Cash From White Donors

June 11, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Story

reparations happy hour

An Oregon activist has created a ‘Reparations Happy Hour,’ asking white people to donate money — as a symbolic gesture — to be doled out to people of color.

‘Reparations Happy Hour’ creator Cameron Whitten, 27, of Portland, Oregon, threw the inaugural event on May 21 at local bar Backyard Social.

The event’s invitation, which was shared on social media, stipulated ‘Reparations for black, brown and indigenous people. Paid for by whites folks.’

Black, brown and indigenous people attending a ‘Reparations Happy Hour’ in Oregon were given $10 in ‘reparations,’ culled from donations made, in part, by white people

About 40 people were said to have attended and more than 100 people donated money

According to event organizers, $10 cash would be given out to attendees as ‘reparations,’ paid for in part by the donations of white people who were specifically not invited to attend the happy hour.

‘White people can show up and support by GIVING reparations. Instead of physically attending, your presence will be felt through your active financial support for healing, leadership, and community building within Portland’s black, brown, and indigenous community’

While $10 might not seem like much in reparations — the idea that money should be given to black people for generations of trauma suffered and the continuing impact of slavery — it’s just meant to be a symbolic gesture.

“I’ve seen daily and monthly what it’s like to live in a place like Oregon, which has a spectacular history of creating policies to be a white, Bohemian utopia,” Whitten said. “If folks are saying they want black, brown and indigenous people here, we’re calling on them to pay for that to happen.”

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