A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating SPORTS Photos And Videos

July 3, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Soccer

To LeBron James, Love Cleveland


LeBron checking his phone and seeing the Warriors just signed DeMarcus Cousins hoping it’s from a fake account 

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Warriors just added Demarcus Cousin to their roster….5 all stars on a single team!


Let’s not forget that Anthony Davis wore Boogie’s jersey during the All-Star game while he was hurt


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Belgian players console and give a hand to Japanese players after their heartbreaking loss 


Japanese team leaves thank you note in Russian in locker room despite a heartbreaking 2-3 defeat versus Belgium


Japan went down to a 94th minute goal….and STILL the fans stayed behind after the final whistle to collect rubbish and clean the stadium. 


Good show of sportsmanship from Ronaldo


Maradona casually giving fingers to the Nigerian fans


Pussy ass bitch Neymar


Iceland’s head coach 2 days after World Cup elimination 


In 2005, Harry Kane had the chance to take a picture with David Beckham together with a female teammate. 13 years later, Kane is the captain of the English national team and the young girl is now his wife 


Three brothers were on the starting squad for the New Zealand rugby team


NBA draft suits–2003 vs 2017


Dad rushes onto the track to free his son from a burning racecar