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Anthony Bourdain at times wouldn’t name the places he’d visit while filming. He did this sometimes to prevent tourists from turning a bar or restaurant into a tourist trap after filming there (article)

Davies: Do you care about the reactions you get from the locals after the episodes appear?

Bourdain: I care about the – yes. I – what I want to happen ideally – and it’s so weird. It’s a double-edged sword. Ideally, I’ll go to a place like – I’ll find a little bar in Rio, let’s say, some little local place that perfectly expresses the neighborhood. You know, it’s not on the – it’s not a tourist-friendly place. The response I’m looking for is to hear from someone from the neighborhood saying, how did you ever find that place? I thought only we knew about it. It’s, you know, a – truly a place that we love and is reflective of our culture and our neighborhood.

But on the other hand, that’s kind of a destructive process because if I name the place – and I don’t always when it’s a place like that – I’ve changed it. The next time I go back, there’s tourists. There’s people who’ve seen it on the show. And then I might hear from the same person from that neighborhood say, you ruined my favorite bar, (laughter) you know? All the regular customers have run away and it’s filled with, you know, tourists in ugly T-shirts and flip-flops.

Davies: Do you sometimes protect somebody’s identity?

Bourdain: There are times that I have looked at the camera and said, look, I’m just not going to tell you where this place is. I don’t want to change it. It should stay like this forever. I do do that now and again.


Nintendo sold more Nintendo Switch consoles in its first year than Wii U consoles in its entire lifetime and may I just add that Breath Of The Wild is the greatest game ever made!


A teenager fooled an entire school and its officials by pretending to be the State Senator. He was chauffeured, given a tour, and spoke to the high school students about being involved in politics. They only found out when the real Senator showed up the next month (article)

Akins was arrested Feb. 10 and is charged with two felonies: impersonating a peace officer and telecommunications fraud.


Ants will refuse “medical” help from their colony if they know they are mortally wounded. Rather than waste the colony’s resources and energy on futile rehabilitation, the wounded ant flails its legs forcing help to abandon them. (article)


Poo-phoria occurs when your bowel movement stimulates the vagus nerve, which descends from the brain stem to the colon. It takes a particularly “large mass of stool” to trigger poo-phoria and its vagal-nerve-induced feelings of exhilaration, intense relaxation, and goose bumps. (article)


In 2017 America overtakes Mexico again as the most obese nation in the world with estimates that 50% of the nation will be obese by 2030 (article)


The richest preacher in the world is David Oyedepo of Nigeria, with a net worth of $150 Million. The 63-year old pastor owns 2 private jets, a $10 million house, and controls churches in 45 African nations.

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Americans sought comfort TV after 9/11 and watched so much Food Network that the station had to restructure itself to appeal to a general audience. This led to the creation and subsequent rise of reality cooking shows like Chopped and Iron Chef USA


There’s a theme park which offers children the experience of adulthood called KidZania. Instead of going on rides, kids can work in a variety of jobs, like fireman or pilot planes, and use their “salary” in the gift shop or rent electric versions of luxury cars.

Does the park include rides themed around debt and crippling depression?


South Koreans have grown 3 inches taller than their North Koreans counterparts. They are genetically the same and have been living similar lives till divide in the last century. The nutritional difference of only 50/60 years has caused this difference (article)


The Great Whiskey Fire of Dublin that killed 13 people in 1875. None perished as a result of smoke inhalation or burns. All victims died of alcohol poisoning by drinking the whiskey flowing through the streets. (article)

”It is stated that caps, porringers, and other vessels were in great requisition to scoop up the liquor as it flowed from the burning premises, and disgusting as it may seem, some fellows were observed to take off their boots and use them as drinking cups,” 


The near-extinction of the American bison was a deliberate plan by the US Army to starve Native Americans into submission. One colonel told a hunter who felt guilty shooting 30 bulls in one trip, “Kill every buffalo you can! Every buffalo dead is an Indian gone.” (article)


A serial arsonist in California who worked as an arson investigator and fire captain, and would commit arson on his way to and from arson investigator conferences. Before his arrest, he even wrote a novel about a firefighter who was a serial arsonist.

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