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What happens when a sniper is caught by the enemy?

In past wars, very bad things. On the Eastern Front of World War II, most German snipers were careful to try to disguise their role as a sniper. If they were caught by the partisans or some more vengeful units of the Red Army, they could be expected to be tortured to death. In Sepp Allerberger’s memoir Sniper on the Eastern Front, he mentions incidents in which a captured Wehrmacht sniper was found castrated and his sniper rifle was shoved up his rectum as far as the back sight. In another incident, partisans sawed off the limbs of a captured sniper, using tourniquets to ensure that he didn’t bleed to death. They then sawed him in half from the groin upwards.

Whilst I would take such horror stories with a grain of salt—though I don’t doubt that horrible things happened during WWII—snipers captured by the enemy and identified, or at least suspected to be snipers can expect some very rough treatment.

The reason for this is simple. Whilst the typical infantryman often doesn’t have a clear shot at his targets (except in CQB, perhaps) the sniper has clear vision to the man he is intending to shoot. He is a hunter of men, ‘killing in cold blood’ whereas one can argue that a rifleman is simply acting out of self-defense against a target that can easily kill him if his aim or reaction time is found wanting. For the regular rifleman, it is kill or be killed; for the sniper, some might argue that he makes a deliberate choice to end a man’s life.

Snipers can be extremely demoralizing if they are not on your side..

– James Sommers



How come a burglar, who gets hurt while robbing a house, can sue the owner and win?

Kotka v Briney is probably what you’re referring to. In that case it was because the home in question was not occupied and the would be burglar was attacked by a booby trap. The use of booby traps are illegal because they attack people indiscriminately and do not use force to protect human life rather only property.

Life, even a burglar’s life, is more valuable than a vacated property according to law. This case is famous because the press misrepresented the facts and a lot of people were upset by the non-factual scenario.



What is life like for a woman living in Saudia Arabia?

I lived in Saudi Arabia most of my life. Not Saudi myself, and am a woman and left Islam. I hate that place with a passion.

I had to wear a headscarf at the age of nine, lived a segregated life style and in fear of half of the population. I was deprived of my own childhood, and the moment I started wearing a headscarf was the moment I stopped going outside to play because other kids and local imams and religious police would give me shit when they saw a girl in a headscarf at the playground or in the street rollerblading. That’s also when my depression started.

I had to have my male guardian’s permission to get an education, get a job and even get paid for my job. For my BA I wanted to major in graphic design, which wasn’t available in Saudi Arabia. I told my parents that I wanted to go study abroad where my brother was. My papers were ready for submission, but my father went ahead and got me admitted into a public university while I was prepared to study abroad. Neither my permission nor presence were needed. I was at least luckier than two of my friends whose parents didn’t allow to go to uni and forced them to marry men twice their age.

I really struggled with freedom of movement. We didn’t have a driver, and my brother hated driving me around, so I ended up not leaving the house for months at a time expect for school, uni or work. When I started saving up and later earning money, I would take taxis after I kept going late to work because of my brother. I got sexually harassed by a taxi driver a few times​, and I always made sure I’d write down the car plate number, registration number, and if possible the driver’s name and phone number. One time was pretty bad that I called the police and told them what had happened. I told them I knew the driver’s details, but all I was given was “for your own sake, keep this to yourself.” I later made the mistake of telling my mom what happened, minus the police incident and that I had the driver’s details. I made her promise not to tell any of my brothers, but she went ahead and told them. They treated me like a gullible idiot for not taking down the driver’s details, and ever since then, I wasn’t allowed to take taxis or be with a driver by myself, which resulted in my forced isolation at home again. Thing is, I didn’t give them the driver’s details because I knew they would have just gone and beat him up, and I didn’t want that bullshit, but I dug own grave by trusting my mother.

I was even more and more isolated because I wasn’t religious and couldn’t relate to people around me or even my friends, but I had to pretend to be religious because atheism is treated as terrorism and a threat to national security, and is punishable by death. I couldn’t talk about it even to my closest friends.

There was one time when I was in court, and I see a mother with at least 7 children. She came to me for help because she was illiterate and wanted me to fill out a complaint form for her. Her complaint? Her husband married a second wife and made them live in the same house together, and he beat her in front of her children and second wife. Her problem? In order to file a lawsuit, she needs consent from her male guardian, who also happens to be her abuser. She had no other male guardians alive.

So yeah, Saudi Arabia is a shit place for women, but whenever I protested to the people I knew, I was accused of being too westernized or that I was some oversensitive special snowflake and didn’t know my place.

As sad as it sounds, my father’s death was my ticket out of there. I worked for 4 years, hardly spent anything so I can afford to do my master’s abroad, got my admission letters, then told my family. My mom tried to accompany me and my brothers tried to push for that, but because of her visa status, she couldn’t come, so I got really lucky. I’ve been married to an amazing ex-Muslim for a couple of years now, and was living with him before we got married. My family think he’s Muslim, and they don’t know we were in a relationship before that, and every time I forget my rights and start doubting my self worth as a human being, he’s there to remind me of what I’m worth.

If you’re a woman in Saudi Arabia or any similar place, I hope with all my heart you’ll find your ticket out of there.



If Jews, Muslims and Christians all worship the same God, then why can they get along or at least coexist peacefully?

While some people don’t necessarily agree that the God is the same, let’s focus on the ones that do.

Imagine three brothers, triplets. Their father – whom they all revered dearly – passes away when they are all reasonably young (12ish).

The first boy remembers his father as a strict, determined man. Thus, to honour him, the boy lives his life following his fathers rules exactly as they were spoken.

The second boy saw under that strictness a strong moral code. The second boy attempts to interpret that code and exemplify it in his every action. Even if it means straying from the specific verbiage of his rules.

The third boy saw his fathers rules as a sign of love – that his father only wanted him to be safe, happy and healthy. Thus, he believes that he would best honour his father by living his own life the best he can, doing the things that make him happy and healthy – even if it means specifically going against something his father said.

While all three boys love their father, and they all agree that they are honouring the same man, there might be some internal conflict. The first may appear to the others as prudish and vindictive, the second may appear undiscerning, and the third reckless and selfish at times. Even though each of their lives were meant to honour the same man (and arguably did).

*the boys were not intended to represent a one-to-one correlation with any particular religion.



Even if global warming/climate change is not caused by humans, why do people still get so upset over the suggestion that we work to improve the environment and limit pollution?

Money. It will decrease the net profit of many companies due to new regulations, and federal funding dollars will go to environmental causes and cut from others. The people complaining the most are the ones most affected.



What should you know about yourself and your partner before you decide to get married?

You know your partner is the right one to marry when you love them, are willing to make sacrifices for their happiness, they are willing to make sacrifices for your happiness, and you have thoroughly and exhaustively discussed and considered the following list of items which frequently lead to marital strife and divorce.

You will grow and change over time and so will your spouse, but if you start on the same page in these areas and maintain good communication, you will greatly increase your odds of growing together in the same direction. Those 80 year old couples who’ve been married 60 years and still hold hands in the park are still together because they walked the same path side by side every day of their lives. If you don’t even start out on the same path, how can you stay on it?

– Cairnwyn

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