16 Before And After Photos Shows The Amazing Difference A Loving Family Can Make On An Abandoned Animal

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Kitten was found on the verge of death on the streets, but was rescued and now has a loving family.


This is Luna. Her owners abandoned her. She’s overweight and elderly, but 8 hours later she already looks happier


Pillow’s current owner adopted him despite the fact that he needed a serious surgery. Pillow had a cancerous mass in one of his legs. After the adoption, the owner helped his new pet overcome the disease and now Pillow is happily living in his new home with another dog named Daizy.


"Adopted this little dude while on vacation in Mexico. The litter was found in the jungle in terrible shape but were nursed back to health by the local animal rescue foundation. Here he is today healthy, happy and adapting well to his new life as a Canadian!"

6 months after being rescued from an abusive home, meet Maverick"


"This is Jake. We adopted him in January and he is a senior. All it took was some love (and many belly rubs) and I’m happy to say he’s finally living the life he always deserved"


Beautiful cat gets a second chance at life


After surviving severe neglect, heartworm and mange, Waffle still has a heart of gold and loves everyone she meets.


Ride from the shelter VS. Ride for fun


Lucia, right after she was rescued from a hoarder. You couldn’t touch her. Curious but terrified. Fast forward 2 years she’s fluffy and fat and happy


A sad face in the shelter and a happy one after getting a family


Ziggy before and after getting a forever home


He arrived in a new loving family, and now he always smiles and poses in all his pictures.


This dog can’t wait to go home to his new loving family


Scarlett was saved from being put down over a minor skin condition.


This puppy looks much happier laying on a cozy carpet at home than on a cold shelter floor.

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