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What is the most disgusting day in human history?

December 13, 1937.

After the Second Sino-Japanese War broke out in 1937, the aggressive and disciplined Japenees troops had already managed to take Shanghai, and had just taken the city of Nanking (Nanjing), the capital of Nationalist China. With a retreat of Chinese forces the Japanese took the city with relative ease.

After the city had fallen, Iwane Matsui, the commander of the Japanese forces, allowed his troops to have free will with the people of Nanjing, as a complete destruction of the city would help give the Japanese a psychological advantage over Nationalist China.

Over the next six weeks, the exhausted Japanese Army absolutely destroyed the people of Nanjing. An estimated 300,000 people were killed in that time span, with nearly all of them being Chinese women, children, and the elderly. Men were forced to rape their families, children were beaten with rifles for wearing traditional Chinese clothes, children were buried alive while they watched soldiers rape their mothers, and thousands were slaughtered meaninglessly by firing squads and dumped into mass graves.

One of the most disturbing tales from the Nanjing massacre was the “sword contest”. Two Japanese lieutenants challenged each other to see who could behead the most Chinese in a day. At the end they both had beheaded over 100 people with their swords and carried their contest to the next day.

After six weeks of torture, rapes, murders, executions, and misery, the Japanese executed 4,000 alleged plain-clothes Chinese troops and pursued the rest of the Chinese army further south. Although the Chinese eventually won the war, the Nanjing Massacre was, without doubt, one of the darkest periods of our history. Within little over a month the Japanese killed over 300,000 innocent people, 5% of the numbers killed in the Holocaust over a four year period!

After the war some Japanese commanders responsible for the attack, including Matsui, were charged with war crimes and executed. However, many survivors did not come forward with evidence that could have brought justice to the thousands of soldiers that perpetrated this attack. Even today the Japanese government denies the amount of casualties estimated by the Chinese government, and many of the Nanjing commanders are enshrined in a memorial to fallen Japanese soldiers.

– Charles von Habsburg



Why is rape traumatic?

Think of sex like eating. (Almost) everyone enjoys sex and eating. Think of an attractive person as a big juicy steak. You want that in your mouth. Now imagine if someone forced you to eat that steak when you weren’t hungry. Not just sat you down and said eat it, but shoved it down your throat. Hell, maybe they even chew it for you and then force feed you. Not exactly how you want to eat a steak, is it? Would be pretty traumatizing. And that is something you would want to eat, though after that, you may not enjoy steak the same way, ever again.

Now imagine being forced to eat something you don’t like. Imagine if you were forced to eat someones shit. They shove it in your mouth, pushing a whole log down your throat. Put a slimy piece in your mouth and make you chew and swish it around. Stick their ass in your face and have a liquid shit in your mouth. When they are done, the entire inside of your mouth is coated in crap, your face caked in it, your nose filled with the odour.

You can puke up the shit, wash your mouth and face, brush your teeth a hundred times, rub some peppermint oil under your nose, but it isn’t going to make you feel like you didn’t just eat a couple pounds of shit. No matter what you do, you wont feel ‘clean’. The smell of shit will always make you nauseous and bring back horrible memories.

Hell, if you’re a guy, just imagine having another guy forcefully fuck you in the ass without your consent. After he finished, you’ve got his cum inside you, dripping out, his spit all over your asshole, he’s had his tongue down his throat, his facial scruff has scratched up the skin on your face.

And imagine that if/when you tell people, some will always ask questions that seem to put the blame on you, or question the authenticity of your claim. If you want to charge the person, you’ll have to go to the police, recount everything that happened, moment to moment, in graphic detail. Then, if it goes to court, you’ll have to testify in front of dozens of people, including the guy who raped you, and repeat the same story, while being grilled by the defense attorney, who is trying to rip your testimony apart.

– bsbbtnh



How does a neckbeard become a neckbeard?

Neckbeardism exists in the frission between being a social outcast, and a desire to fit in or belong to something. Tribalism and the desire for social acceptance are strong urges. Being alone for long stretches of time tends to lead to mental health issues.

So, you have these kids who perhaps don’t have a good relationship with their families. Maybe they came from broken homes, or came from families where they were somewhat ignored. They grew up shy, or otherwise isolated.

They get into nerd culture, or at least consume bits of culture at large that are “nerdy”. They start reading sci-fi and fantasy novels, or manga. They start watching anime that they found online (or renting it from the specialty video store, where it’s kept next to the porn — like I did in highschool in the 90s). They gravitate to stories where the protagonist is sensitive, or has unique & hidden importance. In these stories, the protagonist is a misunderstood genius or savant, and the entire world is set against them. They play videogames where the entire world was created just to cater to the whims of the main character.

They identify with these protagonists, and start to build a personality around the stories they consume. You see this in other subcultures, as well — like motorcyclists decked out exclusively in Harley Davidson clothing, or hip-hop heads wearing shoes from the latest hot designer. It’s a way of showing people: I am this person because I like these things.

So, you have a socially isolated person, whose only blueprints for interacting with the world are taken from pop culture. They’ve never had their rough edges sanded off by having to navigate social structures. So when social interaction goes poorly for them (because they act like a douche), they’re unable to internalize that it may just be them that’s the problem. Instead, they think: It’s not them — they’re not wrong. The world simply doesn’t understand how special they are.

Maybe someday, they find other like-minded people — in meatspace or online. They gravitate towards each other, and all of a sudden,they have social interaction. But these like-minded people also have similar backgrounds. Instead of lessening their baser tendencies, they feed off each other, and amplify the negative personality traits and thought processes. Instead of becoming more palatable to the world at large, they enhance those characteristics that make people turn away. They probably can’t hold down a job, because nobody likes working with self-aggrandizing assholes unless those assholes have irreplaceable skillsets.

So they sit on whatever forum du jour bitching about how nobody understands them. They get caught in a negative feedback loop, becoming more bitter and cynical every day. Their compatriots understand. They’ve all taken “the red pill”, too. They all know how cucked the world is. Fucking Chad! Fucking Stacy! Women are all just sluts who won’t sleep with me!

Neckbeards become walking cancer infecting every social interaction or platform with their venom. They cannot fathom that, no… It’s not the world that’s shit. They are.



What was the most demoralizing weapon deployed by the United States during WWII?

In the few books from the German point of view about D-Day and the following battles, the thing that demoralized the Germans more than anything else was the profligate use of White Phosphorus shells. When these were employed the German will to resist evaporated. WP doesn’t ever stop burning, even under water. If you are hit with even a small piece you are going to burn. In the bunkers, when WP splashed through the casemate apertures the will to resist disappeared and the Germans ran away. The Germans had WP too but never used it to the extent the Americans did and usually for smoke. WP is such a devastating weapon that use in civilian areas is a war crime.

Beyond that, the Germans were demoralized by American artillery. We had so much of it that we could use it indiscriminately. By the time the Americans had arrived the Germans were short of both artillery and ammunition. In many cases, even at D-Day, World War 1 artillery was employed by the Germans. Around Paris the Germans deployed a battalion of WW1 French tanks they were using for police duty. They were wiped out. You can read many accounts of demoralized German forward observers watching American trucks drive down the road unmolested because the Germans were rationing shells to five rounds per day. And you need three just to register. Moreover, much of the German artillery was so worn out that the Germans had a word for its’ firing: “cow tail”. That is, instead of flying straight to the target, multiple rounds from the same gun would fly all over the place like the swishing of a cow tail.

Finally, American air power was thoroughly devastating to morale. Materiel could only move at night and anything caught out in the open was likely to be destroyed. Many soldiers reported that the sound of propellers terrified them for decades after the war.

Jay Bazzinotti

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