The Daily Man-Up: Don’t Think About What You Want, Think About What It Would Take to Get It

August 1, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

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One of the easiest personal finance tips out there is to simply stop wanting more stuff. It’s simple, but it’s true – if you had an easy way to basically eliminate your desire to acquire anything new aside from things to cover your barest needs, personal finance would become incredibly easy.

Sadly, humans don’t work that way.

Our desires run amok for a lot of reasons. We want things for personal enjoyment. We want them because they’ll fill an emotional hole in our life. We want them to impress others or to keep up with the Joneses. We want to feel rewarded for the hard work we put into our lives.

All of those things – and many more – wind up being justifications for the non-necessities that we spend our money on.

I’m guilty of the same thing myself. I can name tons of things that I want, for various reasons. There are a couple of long-out-of-print board games that I’d love to have (if you happen to have a copy of 1862, let me know), for example. I’d love to have some more Baron Fig Vanguard dot grid notebooks – they’re wonderful for taking notes, but they’re more expensive than I can really justify. I’m going to want an electric car as soon as they’re really viable and approach anything close to cost-effective.

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