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What do guys get out of being a cuckold?

A man with a cuckold fetish derives his pleasure from the mental anguish and humiliation that results from his wife’s infidelity. (I use the words “infidelity” and “cheating” within the context of a consensual arrangement). He is immensely aroused by the thought of his woman with another man, lusted by other men. He wants to see his partner satisfied, and by doing so he now has a ‘private pron collection’ by which he uses to masturbate and fantasize. This is more rewarding than actual sex with his partner.

By being the cuckold, he willingly assumes the position of the sexual submissive. He is submissive to his wife, and he is now lowered in rank in respect to the other man having sex with his wife. He and his partner often ‘complete’ this fantasy by having sex right after she cheats on him.

Being a cuckold is to experience a form of psychological masochism. It is a cerebral pursuit whereby the man feels a kaleidoscope of feelings such as jealousy, misery, gratitude, shame, sublimation, inadequacy, and lust. It is a mental version of sensation play in which the emotions themselves are the sources of pleasure, bringing out some of our most intense reptilian instincts. A highly intelligent individual wants to experience this ‘psychological high’ for two reasons: to feel alive, and to feel diminished from the loss of control. In the book Masochism and the Self, author Roy Baumeister explains:

“Cuckolding is a form of escapism. Cucks are relieving themselves of the stress and burden of their social role and escaping into a simpler, less expansive role.”

Small penis humiliation is a point of focus for the victim. The other man is often more well-endowed, more handsome, and referred to as a “Bull”. The physical superiority of the other man adds to the humiliation of the husband.

Lastly, cuckoldry gives some men the chance to vicariously explore their repressed bisexual urges. While it is arousing to watch their wife with someone else, for some it is just as exciting to watch a naked man have sex, period. The wife who understands her husband’s bisexual curiosities would sometimes command him to service the Bull during foreplay.

– Ava Zhang



What made The Beatles so revolutionary for the music industry? And why are they regarded as one of the most influential bands of all time?

1. The Beatles wrote their own songs. Before, most Pop acts were given songs to sing by their producers. After The Beatles, it was more expected that a band would create its own music. I may be wrong, but I understand that the current model has drifted back to a “You write, I perform” model.

2. The Beatles had two exceptionally talented and one very talented songwriter in the band. This meant that every album had unusually high quality songs in every slot. The norm before The Beatles was that a hit single was followed by an album that contained that hit single plus a whole lot of garbage quickly thrown together.

3. Many of the hooks, tricks, teasers you hear in pop music today were invented by The Beatles in the studio – because they couldn’t play live concerts anymore. They couldn’t even hear themselves, much less have their audience hear them.

4. The Beatles made it possible to incorporate other musical techniques into pop, ranging from string quartets to Indian sitars to pure noise like guitar solos played backwards.

5. And, alas, drugs. You can hear the change in music when they started smoking weed, and again later when they started dropping acid. I’ll leave everone here to imagine the impact on society from that.




How did Game Genies work for nes/Sega Master System? 

In general a Game Genie was designed to sit between the console and the cartridge and when the console asked the cartridge for data the game genie could secretly change it before passing it back to the console.

So for example you have a game where you start with 3 lives. That number 3 exists somewhere in the data or code on the cartridge. Let’s assume the number 3 is stored at the 5000th byte of the cartridge’s data bank. On the Game Genie you’d enter a code like “50 00 99”. This would tell the genie that every time the console tried to load the number from address 5000 to send back a value of 99 instead of what was really there. Now when a new game starts you have 99 lives because that’s the number the console recieved.

While that code is obvious in its meaning the genie usually used scrambled codes in a known way, so for example you might actually enter the code “90 05 09” and it would get unscrambled into the more meanful code.

Different consoles had different ways of working. On the NES the cartridge was linked directly into the CPU bus in such a way that it could control all memory, not just the cartridges (this allowed NES cartridges to enhance the original hardware, not just provide game data) by routing any memory access through the cartridge pins first. This means that the cartridge could even override the data in the consoles built in ram.

So Game Genie codes for the NES might do things like “hold” a byte. What this means is that it essentially kept a value in RAM locked – attempts to change it wouldn’t work. So you have a place in ram where health was stored and when health reached 0 you are supposed to die. The game genie could just hold that value at 99 and now you are invincible.



Digestion takes about six to eight hours through your stomach and small intestine. Food then enters your large intestine for further digestion. What happens when you eat something bad, and all this is reduced to minutes? 

So your bowels are like a long train track and your food is like a set of cars on the track. Transit time between Point A, your mouth, and Point B, the chute, is a bit flexible but normally operates on a regularly scheduled basis.

When you eat, you put cars on the track and send them to Point B. As these cars go to Point B, they lose passengers (nutrients) at various points in the thin tunnel portion (small intestine). The journey isnt complete and the journey has already altered the shape of the car pretty significantly giving a rusty color. Once in the larger portion of the tunnel, the cars are checked for stray passengers and are hosed down a bit so that transition out of Point B isn’t so bad. Sometimes, the train cars park juuust outside the gates of Point B so they can exit at the best time for the operator (toilet).

Now, all of this goes fucking nuts when you load a bad set of train cars at Point A. The track sensors located everywhere along the track, detect this alien set of cars and sends a distress call to the Supervisor (your brain). The Supervisor wants to handle the situation without having to phone the Manager (your consciousness) about the craziness on the tracks and also wants to make sure you never know it was on the tracks. It has to make a choice now: send it back to Point A violently and somewhat painfully risking tearing the tracks, or send it to Point B as fast as fuck? Depending on where it’s located on the track, it’ll choose the best route.

Let’s use the destination Point B. The Supervisor hits the panic button and puts all the train cars that are on the track (in your body) on overdrive. The tunnels are flooded with water and lubricant to speed all the cars up and get them the hell out of there as quickly as possible. Cars collide with each other, and previously well formed cars are just flooded with water and lubricant that they are just a soggy, shadowy reminder of their former glory state.

The Media (pain) hears about the car collisions immediately begins filming live the high speed, flooded train cars out of control. They want to knos how an alien set of train cars were put on the tracks and they want someone to pay for such carelessness. The Manager is just watching the horror unfold on Live TV but cannot do anything to stop it, because the Supervisor was deaf and he had not installed a means of communicating with him after hours in the office.



Why do our brains choose short term convenience and long term inconvenience over short term inconvenience and long term convenience? Example included.

In Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, Kahneman has done Nobel-award winning research into the way human beings make irrational decisions and why. The brain has two distinct systems for thinking — a strong, fast, emotional and relatively dumb one, and a weaker, slower, rational, much smarter one. When you “think with your gut” you’re using the first system, and when you ponder something carefully and make a rational choice you’re using the second system.

So what you had here was a good example of the two systems being in conflict. The dumber but stronger emotional system probably said something like “Ugh, I don’t want to walk up those stairs! I can do this with a butter knife.” The smarter but weaker rational system then pointed out that this was pretty dumb, but it wasn’t strong enough to override the “fast” system, which is all about short-term tactics, not long-term strategies. The slow system then sent you off to internet to complain about how your fast system is an idiot.


How does “activated charcoal” work and why has it become so wildly popular in beauty/cosmetic products? 

“Activated charcoal” is carbon – which, you know, is what charcoal is made out of, mostly. They press it into smaller bits with more surface area.

Carbon like that has a lot of porous area where chemical adsorption can occur. Adsorption is like absorption, kind of, in that your material is “sucking up” something from a liquid or gas. In the case of adsorption, atoms and molecules stick to the surface area of your material. Charcoal, particularly activated charcoal, has a lot of surface area, so it can adsorb a lot of stuff and it can do it quickly and efficiently, and also cheaply.

It’s also used in aquariums to suck up waste in the water so it can be removed when you change your filter. It’s especially good at removing heavy metals, which are sometimes present in your water at concentrations that are not high enough to hurt you but high enough to hurt your livestock. Similarly, it’s used in water purification systems (like your Brita filter) to similarly suck up some stuff in your tap water that you are trying to filter out. 

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