Reaction GIFs Have Entered The Building!

August 9, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

When the first brownie never hit me, so I ate a second one and now I am trying to concentrate on not dying 


When I’m at the DMV and they call out four numbers in a row that are no-shows


When I’m offered alcohol while nursing a hangover 


When I’ve pulled myself up by my bootstraps to become the best person in the world at my job and now regularly engage in private charity to help others do the same so they don’t have to rely on the government and wakeup to see that the president has mocked me on twitter


When I am at my wifes High School reunion and she is catching up with old friends.


When I’m high af and see a shooting star overhead 


When a college girl says she has pierced nipples


The morning after you thought Taco Bell was a good choice after too many beers


When I’m 3 years old and mom won’t buy me the toy I put in the shopping cart


When I go from discovering a good new show to checking out the fandom 


When I go to my high school reunion and everyone is bragging about their lives while I’ve accomplished nothing


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