Deontay Wilder Teaches Internet Troll A Lesson In Respect After Meeting Him For A Fight

August 14, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Fight

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In May 2014, Deontay Wilder travelled to Los Angeles for a gym fight with internet troll Charlie Zelenoff, who directed vile abuse at him and challenged him to a fight.

Fresh off a win over Malik Scott to go 31-0, the American accepted and headed over to deal with the situation.

Wilder arrived at the gym and had Zelenoff sign a legal waiver assuring that he wouldn’t sue for any damages, before then battering him around the gym.

The fact he was wearing two right-handed gloves mattered not, as the troll discovered the difference between himself and a future heavyweight champion.

Explaining the incident later on, Wilder told ESNews: “You can be a critic and say certain things, but there’s a limit.

“He took it to a whole ‘nother level. One thing I don’t condone is racism and he brought racism to the table.

“He [talked about] duct-taping my daughter’s mouth and when he said that I visualised him actually doing it and it upset me.

“And then he said he’s gonna kill me, murder me. Those three things, man, I was overboard. When it’s like that, I wanna see you.”

When uploaded, the clip inevitably went viral, with many seeing it as a lesson that should be learned by online abusers everywhere.


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