Reaction GIFs Beeeeyotch!

August 16, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Funny Pictures

When you’re waiting on her man to fuck up and she post an ultrasound


When my wife comes into the bedroom wearing her new lingerie and asks me if I’ve been a bad boy


When I’m eating from the cookie jar and hear my mom pull up in the driveway


When I drop my pet off at my parents’ house before going on vacation 


When I finish tying my shoes and see that my friends didn’t wait for me and I can’t find them


When people ask me why I never post updates on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram


When I eat Blazin’ Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings


Whenever I see a headline about something bad happening to Alex Jones


When I sneak in 2 McDonald’s cheeseburgers, medium fries, Sour Patches and a Mountain Dew in my thick jacket, and the unsuspecting movie theater ticket guy says “Enjoy your movie.” 


When the person at the desk next to mine brought donuts in to work 


When my tinder date looks nothing like her pictures 


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