Proud Parenting Moment: Son Beats Up Bully After Father Teaches Him How To Fight

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So my son was being bullied pretty badly at school. People would make fun of his accent, use racial slurs towards him, throw open milk cartons at him at lunch, start rumors about him, they put his book bag in the toilet once, and a bunch of fucked shit kids do to each other.

My son had told on the main perpetrator to me and his mother and I went to the school and told them about my concerns and the school gave him a stern talking to which only stopped him for a few weeks and then he continued to bully my son. So I went to the school and complained again and the administration had told me that they spoke to the kid and he had told them that he was just joking and he didnt mean any of the stuff he was saying and that they were actually friends anyway the assistant principal told me that “boys will be boys” and that it was not out of the ordinary for boys to make fun of each other, but since the kid had admitted to doing it they gave him in-school suspension which is essentially a slap on the wrist.

So after that I realized that nothing was going to happen if I kept running back to the administration every time my son came home crying so I took matters into my own hands. (Now Im going to tell you something about me. In my home country I was an amateur boxer but due to the financial situation I was in, my mother did not want me to box she wanted me to work and study, so I cut a deal with her if I made that if to the Olympics I would go pro after but If I failed I would stop and work and go to university. Anyway I failed and stopped boxing and got a job and finished my studies.)

Ok so what I did was taught my son how to fight. Everyday after I get home from work for the past 9 months I take him to the local boxing gym and taught him how to hit the bag, throw combinations, taught him about foot work and movement, how to work the speed bag, how to dodge, hit the pads and everything I else I knew from my old days as a boxer. It worked wonders for my son not only did he become physically stronger, he also became mentally strong, he stopped coming home crying, he started to make friends and it had a real positive effect on him.

When I would ask him If he was still getting bullied he said it didnt bother him what people he didnt care about said about him, So I figured that was the end of the bully problem, I was wrong. Two weeks ago I get a call from school that my son had gotten into a fight and that I had to go pick him up because he and the other boy were both suspended for 5 days for fighting. When I go to pick my son up he is covered in blood, which was alarming at first but then he told me that it was not his blood it was the other boy, the one who put his bag in the toilet kept walking up to him and using racial insults towards him and my son told him If he didnt stop he was going to beat him up, and he kept his promise. Turns out my son broke the other kids nose, busted his lip and hit the other kids eye and it had swollen shut. My son has some bruises on his face but nothing compared to the other kid.

Now my son has been getting yelled at alot by his mother, she made him write and apology letter to the boy, the boys parents, to the principal, to the teacher, to the security guard who broke it up and she is really mad at me and blames me for this because I taught him how to fight but I honestly could not be more proud of him. Sorry for the horrible grammar English is not my first language.

– Anonymous

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