A Damn Fine Collection Of Fascinating Photos And Videos

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An idea to make Korea free from Kim Jong-un’s Propaganda machine 


Brock Lesnar looking a little different these days


Shaquille O’Neal’s toes


Michael Strahan’s fingers


MMA fighter Darren Elkins’ ear


Cyclist Poljanski’s legs after Tour De France


Japanese Prime Minister’s Motorcade Merging Into Traffic


Published 106 years ago


The word you’re looking for is ‘Rape’ 


QT is a safe house for kidnapped/human traffic victims. they will hid you in a pad locked room until the police get there and every employee is trained for this situation 


Face Transplant

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This vet has a sign and candle for when someone’s pet is dying


How snipers use their scopes 


Yeezy Distressed Wool Sweater 


The “One a Day Banana” pack, containing several bananas of different ripeness so that you can eat them over several days. (Korea) 


Hayden Christensen’s latest movie 


Nearly 24 hours before Chris Watts confessed to killing his pregnant wife and young daughters in Colorado, he stood outside his house and publicly pleaded for their safe return


Murderer Told Live On Camera They’ve Found The Body Of The Girl He Killed


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