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Brazil Releases Drone Footage of Amazon Tribe Previously Unseen by Outsiders – Gizmodo

Separated North And South Koreans Meet For 1st Time In Decades – NPR

This portable laptop table stand has sturdy and fully adjustable legs so you can avoid neck and back pain by simply adjusting table to your needs – Amazon

No amount of alcohol is good for your overall health, global study says – AOL

Is Your Gut Healthy? How to Tell – Goop

4 interviewing tricks to boost your confidence — and the secret that no one tells you – CNBC

How Tourists Are Destroying the Places They Love – Spiegel

Saudi Arabia seeks death penalty against female human rights activist – The Guardian

Russian Bots and Trolls Amplified Anti-Vaxx Sentiment in the US – Inverse

What happens when you spend a year using science to improve your brain – The Verge

How much the average person in 40 different countries takes home after taxes – Business Insider

I Posed as Someone Addicted to Pills to See How Drug Dealers on Facebook Operate – Tonic

20+ Shocking Nude Scenes That Came Out Of Nowhere – Ranker

Are you using your cell phone for you grocery list? Try this gadget – Amazon

LOL: My Best Guy Friend Is More Fulfilling Than A Boyfriend – Bolde

The “Suicide Plant” Has the Most Painful Stingers in the World – Curiosity

What Does HPV Mean for Me, a Regular Guy Who Just Wants to Raw-Dog It? – Mel Magazine

The Beautiful Lily Ermak Is Our Thirsty Friday Treat – Yes Bitch

“I’ll Never Catch Up” – The Simple Dollar

Lyft’s Co-Founder Wants to End Car Ownership – WSJ

Six years before being accused of killing his pregnant wife and daughters, Christopher Watts gave a presentation on relationships – YouTube

Elizabeth Hurley’s Water Toy Booty – G-Celeb

How Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Built a  $170 Billion Entertainment Empire – Maxim

47-Year-Old Single Mom Sues Matchmaking Firm For Not Finding Her A Rich Man – Return Of Kings

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