A Few Tips, Tricks And Hacks That Will Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

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If you have children and talk to them about danger (which you should), tell them that if someone is ever attempting to take them they should yell “you’re not my mom/dad!” That way, passers-by know it’s not just a kid having a tantrum

My mom taught me this along with having a password if one of her co-workers ever had to pick me up for an emergency or whatever. Once my grandpa came to get me and it wasn’t planned, I asked him the password and he didn’t know what I was talking about. I wouldn’t go with him for 20 minutes until he called my dad and got the password.


New college freshmen, get to know your professors early on. In your later years, good relationships with professors can lead to recommendations, research, and job opportunities.

I got to know one of my profs, then became research assistant for him during undergrad, and was offered a master’s with great scholarship. Thing is you don’t need to kiss your profs ass. Just sit in front of class, ask intelligent questions and nod when you see him. Point is to just let him know you exist. 


If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, get it done in Henna first: It will force you to live with the design and location past the honeymoon stage and show you how comfortable you are with it in your day to day life


Always keep one extra day off from your vacation schedule to adjust back to daily life

Or, be like me and get back to work at noon on the day you return. Then, continue hating yourself as you’ve always done.


If you have an option in high school/college, join the debating team. Public speaking and thinking on the spot are two of the most crucial skills to learn in life. You’ll notice the difference in your day to day interactions


If you are near a university’s campus in spring, check near the dorms for items that the students leave when they break up for summer. Many don’t want to take home larger items if they live far away from campus, so you could pick up some nice stuff that was left on the curb for trash.

In Madison WI the big move out day is August 15 and it is affectionately called “hippie Christmas” 


When flying, put a tag with your info inside your bag, not just outside. Any tag on the outside can come off. Also, when a bag gets lost, the airline will open it to try to determine who it belongs to.


Learn to do — and enjoy — things by yourself. You’re going to miss out on a lot of fun if you keep waiting for someone else to accompany you

Took up archery for a while. Guess what? I met a bunch of people who were in to archery.


Don’t let people guilt you for not visiting them. They’re not visiting you either

I always feel guilty when people say, “I miss you, you should really come visit me in [city that’s a several hour drive away].” It always eases my mind when I remind myself that this person is equally capable of visiting me and isn’t doing it either.


For those of you going to college for the first time this month: GO TO CLASS! No matter how hungover, tired, or busy you may be, being present is the most important factor in succeeding in your first year as you adjust to living independently. Missing class is a slippery slope to failing out


The first time you need a certified birth certificate for a child, order 5 copies instead of one. You’ll be glad you did over the next 18 years

Do the same thing for marriage certs, death certs, etc.


As a manager, don’t let your pride cloud your judgement when someone has a better idea than you on a decision. It’s an improvement on a course of action, not your character

“Being a leader doesn’t mean having all the answers, just the ability to recognize the right ones when they come up.”

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