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How does dating work in Saudi Arbia?

Saudi culture is very gender-segregated, from restaurants to banks, a lot of places have both family sections and men’s sections. There’s even a women-only mall in Riyadh. Kindergartens are mixed, but from first grade onward, there are separate boys and girls schools. That’s why people get creative about how to get in touch with the opposite sex. Back in my day, a popular method was to put your MSN ID on the side of your car and go for a cruise around town in the hope that a girl would spot it and contact you on her own.”

Another popular method was the Bluetooth chat. “If the MSN ID trick didn’t work out, you could always go to a cafe, sit in the men’s section, turn on your Bluetooth, and hope for someone behind the wall in the women’s section to see your phone. Then they’d connect to it, and the two of you could text.” All while trying to determine how attractive the other person was solely by their emoji usage.

“In a mixed area like the food court at a mall, a guy might also write his phone number on the back of a McDonald’s receipt and then crumple it up and drop it on a fine lady’s tray or on the floor next to her table. If she’s interested, she can pick it up and unfold it and text him, or she can reject him by flicking it off the table.”

Nowadays, people mostly use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. That takes all the desperate, horny spy action out of courtship. But that may soon change, as Saudi Arabia has already banned Facebook’s chat function, and is considering banning the site altogether because they think it might be turning people gay.



Why don’t car companies ever make a throwback model, wouldn’t an exact remake of say a 69 Corvette sell really well? 

It would not be possible to make an exact stylistic remake that meets modern safety and emissions standards. Just as one example: the “A” pillar is the name for the piece of metal that frames the windshield and attaches to the roof; here’s a picture showing the various roof pillars.

About ten or fifteen years ago, the people who do safety testing on cars (IIHS, NHTSA) noticed that rollover accidents tended to result in more deaths and serious injuries. They found that this was happening because car roofs tended to deform and collapse in rollovers, smashing directly into the heads of the passengers. So, they came up with a standard for how strong a roof has to be, and implemented crash tests to evaluate this. Automakers realized pretty quickly that one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a roof stronger is to make the “A” pillar a lot thicker. And that’s why modern cars have such thick “A” pillars compared to older cars.

If you want to drive a car that looks old but has modern features, there is hope: some people will restore old cars and replace the original parts with modern ones. This process is called resto-modding. Generally, people perform resto-modding with an eye to improving performance: using modern powertrains, modern suspensions, modern brakes, etc. A resto-modded classic car probably won’t do any better in an actual crash, but your ability to avoid getting into a crash in the first place would be greatly improved vs. the original, un-modified car.



Even though I’m a thousand times their size and infinitely more powerful, why aren’t insects terrified of me?

They feel no fear. They’re incapable of it. Insects are basically biological robots that follow very simple instructions – eat, shit, reproduce, and if something gets close, run or fight.

They don’t think before doing things, just like how your computer doesn’t think when following your instructions. They just do things.



As a 22 year old , what should I start doing/stop doing to make sure my body isn’t falling apart by the time I’m 40 or 50?

Stop tanning. Start moisturizing. Brush your teeth twice a day, every single day. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Make a conscious effort to frown less. Stand up straight. Make and keep friends. Feel yourself up at least once a month so you know which lumps are normal and which lumps are not. Lift weights. Eat less crap. Get all the sleep. Stop smoking. Control stress.

Stress can manifest itself many ways and hurt your health.

Try to learn not to give a shit. we all struggle with that, but the sooner you can, the better. a lot of the exercise/hobby recommendations help with stress.

Mental health and physical health are directly connected

Take up yoga. It works the body and helps calm the mind.

Read a book. Don’t give a shit if it’s fiction or not. Take your mind places it’s never been. This counts as exercise.

Don’t dwell on negativity. It really does mess you up. Don’t stay in situations you aren’t happy in. They age you faster than anything else.



Why does sleeping for 8 hours feel like only 5 minutes?

Because you are not conscious. How did you feel before you were born? What was the passage of time like before you were conceived? The exact same phenomena will occur to you after your death.



Why is it that men “get back to their senses” after ejaculation?

The horny feeling is controlled by your limbic system. It orders the body to redirect as much blood as it safely can to the genitals. The higher thought processes areas of your brain, such as the prefrontal cortex, have minimal supply of blood and oxygen going to it. The rest of your mind is pretty much in stasis. When you orgasm, the lmibic system releases it’s control, and blood immediately goes back to the rest of the body. You regain your higher level thought-processes and all is back to normal.



It’s 2018. Why do printers still suck so much?

You’re probably buying garbage inkjet printers. Laser printers are cheaper than ever and work great.

Even if the laser printer costs more at purchase time, long term it is much cheaper. Buying original cartridges, ink is 5 to 20 times more expensive than toner. ( Per page). Laser printers are scary because cartridges are 2-3 as much as ink cartridges but print 10-30 times more pages.

Laser printers print faster. The worst laser printers print better than the best inkjet printers.

Laser printers bond the toner to the paper, which means if the paper gets wet, the toner doesn’t run. ( Ink will generally run if wet ).

Anything but the cheapest laser printers can easily print thousands of pages a month.

Most modern laser printers come with network connectivity, so you can print from your laptop without connecting a wire to the printer.

I’ve found that laser printers generally come with higher quality printer drivers. ( On windows I only ever use the “add printer wizard ” drivers. )

The only two caveats to laser printers are :

  1. Drums are expensive, on non-brother printers, I’ve found the drum usually lasts a very long time.
  2. Color laser is expensive ( but prints beautifully ). Although the cost of color laser printers has gone down a lot over the past few years

Caveman Recommends: Brother HL-3170CDW Digital Color Printer with Wireless Networking 



Why is it that I find my reflection somewhat attractive but dislike how I look in most photographs/videos?

Your face is mirrored. You are accustomed to looking at your face in the mirror and have grown to like that look on the account of you seeing it every day when you look into anything reflective. But as soon as you look at your face in a photograph (which is how you really looks) your brain notices that something is wrong and you don’t like it as much. You like your face mirrored; you don’t like it as much when you suddenly see it right way around.



Why does time seem to be moving faster as I get older?

When you’re 5 years old a year is 20% of your entire life. A pretty big chunk. When you’re 50 years old, a year is just 2%. In a way, a person who lives to be 100 has lived half of their life at just 25 or so years old. Also, as you get older, there are fewer and fewer things which are truly NEW to you. When something is new, you pay attention, you remember every detail, and your memories are more fully padded out by that new experience. When something is old-hat, you gloss it over and don’t write it into your memory in nearly as much detail.

As a result, your memory becomes filled with the memories of new experiences, which in a typical lifespan will be weighted heavily toward when you are younger. The obvious remedy to this problem is to actively seek out new experiences as you age. If time seems to be flying by, it’s not because you’re having fun; it’s really because your mind is bored by all the repetitive stuff you’re doing.


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