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Shots fired


Israel Adesanya launches a tornado of death against his opponent


Tank Abbott demolishes John Matua and mocks his corpse shortly after


Paul Daley finishes Lorenz Larkin in brutal fashion


Mike Tyson – Right Hook Body & Uppercut KO


Renzo Gracie: ‘Sakuraba Breaking My Arm Was The Worst Pain I’ve Ever Felt in my Life’

“In my life, I always believed that if I had an injury, I would never give up,”  “If that happened in the fight, in the old times, people would keep fighting in the ring. But they stopped the match. In reality, my whole life, I thought I would do that in that situation. I would never tap. But you can never be 100 percent sure until that moment arrives and you feel that pain. That was the most pain I ever felt in my life, but I was happy I went through that, even though it hurt a lot. I was smiling the whole time. It was the moment I found out my mind was stronger than my body.”


Floyd Mayweather parrying Conor McGregor’s offense


Floyd Mayweather Defensive Genius


Mirko Cro Cop & Fabricio Werdum Training


A slam can change the tide of a fight real quick!

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