The Daily Man-Up: All We Have Is NOW

August 31, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

(photo: @jamie_fenn)

All we have is right NOW. We can’t guarantee our future self will make the right decisions, and we can’t undo the past mistakes. Stop making plans to be successful in the future and start taking massive action right this very second. 

I’ve been super guilty of procrastination by planning, researching, etc. I make to do lists, spreadsheets and routines ad nauseum. I set alarms and reminders. I look at inspirational posts and daydream about the future only to never follow through. The act of making plans and lists satisfies me enough to wait till the next day to take action, which I never do.

I realized that I’m wasting valuable seconds doing this stuff. If I really want to lose weight, finish a project, start a business, etc, I need to immediately do the next readily achievable step as soon as I think of it. Go for a run, get out my tools, and work on my business plan. If you ask yourself honestly, you always know what you should be doing. Immediately take just the tiniest step. Put your gym shoes on, open the program to write and sit in front of the computer, turn off the TV and put down your phone.

Everyone gets the same 24 hours. Instead of trying to work out how to budget my 24, I’ve been spending it the most valuable way possible: as soon as I get it (the only way you CAN spend it – seems obvious but it’s easy for me to forget)

Anyways hope this helps someone else, it has helped me change my mindset a LOT in the last few weeks

– life_is_short_af

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