Can You Figure Out Where This Guy Hid His Cellphone In Prison???

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"My main stash place I used to use and infuriate the whole prison administration because they could never find it, is something I will not share. My main one was so good that 5 prison administrations gave up looking for it. They would strip search me and my entire cell, taking everything out leaving a bare cell, and they never once found in 10 years found my hiding place. Guards would be inches away looking right at it and never “see” it. I had one in every cell I was put into at 6 prisons I’ve been to. I’ll tell you this much, you figure the rest. I needed a bar of soap, a nail, a pad lock, a sheet of paper, and a dab of paint to make this work. These were all items we could have or was easy to get.

People think of a “hiding place” as somewhere the eyes won’t obviously see. Sometimes a “hiding place” is somewhere the eyes “Can’t” see even when looking for it. For example: I could not hide a big one gallon jug of Mash (home made wine undistilled) in my main stash place. And I was not going to throw it away. I just wrapped a black T-shirt or black cloth around it and slide it under a small metal cabinet we had in our cells. 2 – 3 Guards would come in and search my cell all at once. But the cells were only 6ft x 9ft and with 3 guards in riot gear, it was crowded. So they would use a mirror on a stick to look under cabinets, beds etc.. Well when the guard would look under my cabinet, in his mind he’s expecting to see a dark shadow of nothing underneath. His eyes see the darkness and their minds register it as a shadow, not a black T-shirt. It’s right there for the taking, but they never see it."

– Matthew Holmes

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