What’s It Like To Microdose LSD And Mushrooms

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I have 3 friends who have done the same over periods lasting from 0.5-3 months. 2 of them with LSD and 1 with mushrooms. I am taking their observations and experiences into account as well.

In the beginning, zi swallowed 0.3g golden teacher mushrooms every Mon, Wed, Friday morning, before attending studies (Multimedia design), while my friend chewed on a 25ug (1/9 of a 220ug) Lord Shiva LSD tab before going to work as a phone salesman 3 days a week. We continued this way for 1 month.

On the bus, on my way to school, I often caught myself smiling for no apparent reason. When i looked out the window I saw some sort of beauty in everything, like the motion the wind created on things like leaves, peoples hair, and it was sort of fun to observe how tired other people on the bus were looking every morning.

In class and during lectures, i became significantly more active. I had an increased focus on what was presently happening, which made it easier for me to listen to what my teacher was saying.

My creativity seemed to increase, when working on small assignments like making moodboards (a mixture of pictures coherent with a given subject), designing Logo’s, etc.

I also had a buzzing amount of extra energy that mostly lasted between 6-8 hours, depending on when i started relaxing. It felt comparable to coffee in some way, except for the very comfortable body high which coffee never had given me.

The energetic effects also made me more social. Suddenly I spoke with people from my class that I had barely exchanged any words with before, and i became more of a “yes-man” in general, when asked to come and play football, to go have a beer or two at the school bar, etc.

It also made me able to remember things faster and more vividly, which in turn increased my ability to talk while at the same time thinking about what to say. It helped me speak about things connected to my memory in a more fluent way, and to describe my thoughts better.

At the end of a day of microdosing, when looking back, it was a good day overall.

When discussing with my friend, it seemed that he had experienced pretty much the same effects on LSD as i had on shrooms, except for the body high, which he felt was more intense, almost to the point where it could be uncomfortable, and the effects lasted 10-14 hours (my shrooms lasted 6-8). Furthermore, he told me he had increased his sales at work with around 15-20%, which he considered a result of LSD microdosing.

During the 2nd month, I began taking LSD microdoses 3 days from Mon-Friday, and 1-2 days every weekend. I chose to take 18ug (1/12 of a 220ug LSD tab), since my friend was larger built than me. Instead of using it for studies only, I started taking it before Thai Boxing practice, Football and partying.

The effects were much the same as with shrooms, except for the duration which was longer, and the body high which felt less “grounded” somehow, and more intense in an energetic way.

For Thai Boxing, the effects were amazing. I felt increased balance, strength, stamina and focus while training kicks and practicing combo’s. My mind and body simply felt more connected, which resulted in better use of my physical resources. Only negative could be that i sometimes focused my attention towards optimal body usage so much, that I occasionally missed out on my trainers instructions.

Playing football was interesting. When i had the ball, I felt more confident than usual. My senses helped me know when a teamplayer was becoming available for a pass, while also making me aware of incoming enemy players. Sadly, my mind could sometimes wander off a bit when I didnt have the ball. Ideas of possible gameplays flew through my mind, and thoughts of what I would do with the ball once I got it again, often resulted in less focus regarding my optimal positioning on the field.

Drinking alcohol while on LSD microdoses was weird. It somehow made me less drunk than usual, and more observant of the foolishness alcohol brings to a group atmosphere. Drinking made me dizzy-drunk, but not stupid-drunk, and that made me a bit excluded from the party-culture i was surrounded by in those situations. After having done this 3-4 times, I stopped combining the two completely. Either I was going out on alcohol for partying, or micro’s if I was attending rave parties.

Meanwhile my friend kept going with microdoses at work. Some days were worse than others for him. He had a tendency to think “if I feel this great by taking this amount, I would probably feel even better if I took even more”. This made him have some pretty crazy days at work on 50ug (2x dose), where he had lots of fun and became extremely talkative, but had difficulties focusing on work.

One time during these 2 months, he tried 75ug (3x dose) and had to leave work early, since he suddenly was unable to have a conversation with anybody at all. Considering that a full dose of LSD usually lies around 110-220ug, i dont wonder why he felt uneasy at work. I had warned him about taking too many microdoses at once, since I had read about the consequences of it somewhere on erowid. The state of mind was called “Limbo” – a state where you arent really tripping, but you arent really capable of handling your daily routines either.

Some of my other friends started microdosing too. One did shrooms, the other did LSD.

The shroom friend used it for school and fitness purposes, and felt it was useful for both. Sometimes he used it 4-5 days in a row, which made the effects vary a bit. Some days he didnt even know if he was affected, but in his mind the placebo effect was good too.

The LSD friend used it for school and work purposes, and like the shroom friend he did it 4-5 days in a row. After 3 weeks, on a friday, a fifth day in a row being affected by lsd micro’s, he got involved in a car crash, and partly blamed his heavy use of micro’s, which he said had made him uncontrollably tired. Everybody involved in the crash were luckily unharmed. It was a dangerous condition to drive in though, and after this event he stopped the experiment.

In the 4th month, I was still going strong on LSD micro’s. My friend that I started with, took a break since the summer was starting and he no longer felt the need for energy boost and anti-depressants. My shroom friend continued, but with 2 day intervals between ingestion (used to take it 4-5 days in a row like LSD friend). He felt that the effects were more stable this way.

For me, this month was exam month. I had 2 exam presentations to do.

Both exams went very well. Before going in there, i could barely wait to get in that room and show them what i had. Normally I was a bit nervous, but not as nervous as the average student. But this time I was incredibly confident, clearminded and spoke clearly. I had a sort of “tunnel vision” focus on what to do, and my teachers could see that. I felt invincible, but later I realized that feeling could bite me in the ass. It made me less aware of potential mistakes I could make/have made. But nonetheless, I felt crazy good.

Today I’ve begun microdosing again, after having a long summer break. Still feels awesome. Good to be back! And for anybody who wish to try it out – I can strongly recommend it!

To sum it up, i’d say you get;

.. James Fadiman was on to something when he studied microdoses, but when it comes to psychedelics, microdoses are still the most understudied aspect of all. Hopefully that will change soon.

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