What’s It Like To Have Sex For 9 Hours Straight

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It was with a girl I’d been dating over a year and it involved meth. Kids, don’t ever try meth, I am not kidding… but if you do make sure you have sex*, because – holy shit.
*with someone you trust

My girlfriend and I were already very familiar with each other’s bodies, and we were averaging at the sweet spot of about 45 minutes of intercourse a day, which is to say we were already trained for marathon humping. We’d had sex on meth once before (three hours that time), and it was so much fun we decided to set aside a Saturday night to try it again. 

At 11pm, we start smoking, and put some porn on to set the mood.  

By 11:15, we’re humping like frantic rabbits. Not your standard “I want you, you want me, let’s do this” sex, this is downright animalistic fucking. Fast, slow, vigorous, violent. Each sensation intensified five-fold. We’re inventing positions beyond the kama sutra, fucking at every conceivable angle to find the best ones. We are energizer bunnies running on unadulterated carnal lust, an unstoppable desire to push every limit of pleasure. This is what porn wishes it looked like.

At midnight, we’re both still horny as hell but I’m exhausted. She on the other hand has more energy now than when we started (this must be how succubus legends started) and spends the better part of the hour riding me. We go down on each other every once in a while for intermission. 

1am, my orgasm is nowhere in sight, which is great because neither of us want to stop. We do slow down the rhythm and switch positions more frequently. Short break to smoke some more and change the 5-6 porno movies we have playing on loop. 

2am, we are so dehydrated that we need to take an extended pause to chug several cups of water each. We’ve already passed our previous time record, but we’re just getting started. Everything is so goddamn sexy. She is so fucking hot, I’m so fucking hot, we’re just wild beasts succumbing to our deepest nature. Our passion is an unstoppable force. We just want to feel each other, as deep and intensely as possible. 

3am, she’s no longer getting wet but we both want to keep going, so we chug more water and get the lube out. We go down on each other for about half an hour, slowly and oh so deliciously. She tastes better than she’s ever tasted before and I can’t get enough of her, 69 has never been so fun. We’re trying out new things that we’ve never done before. Any inhibitions about sex we’ve ever had in our lives are gone. There is literally nothing we could do right now that would turn the other person off. We take advantage of this to ask each other to do things we’re usually too ashamed to ask for. We talk dirty like never before. Licking assholes, smacking each other, throwing her around the room, you fucking sexy slut this, give me your fucking dick that… It’s all so goddamn intense. 

4am, I can’t even keep it up anymore. She goes down on me but it’s no use – my body is utterly depleted. I’m angry at myself because I don’t want to ever stop having this kind of sex, she tells me not to push myself too much. We cuddle for half an hour, softly massaging each other’s genitals with lube. The gentleness is a welcome change of pace for both of us and eventually I get it up again and slide back inside her, but now I’m alternating between hard and soft, all the while desperately willing my penis towards the former. 

5am, we are so tired. We haven’t eaten in 12 hours and I haven’t done this much exercise in years. I’m not even inside her most the time anymore, we’re just rubbing each other and telling the other how turned on we are, how much we love each other, how hot this is, while our eyes are glued to the monitor that’s playing 6 porn movies simultaneously. We compare notes about which movies are our favorites, and it’s the sexiest conversation ever. We smoke a little bit more. 

6am, it’s on again. Our second (or maybe 4th/5th) wind is here and we’re back at it full force. We’ve gone totally numb to the porn now, there’s been so much of it, so we turn it off, which strangely enough gets us more excited. 

7am, we decide to record this on video because this is going to look amazing, but sadly we’ve missed most of the best stuff and now it’s a mix of me slowthrusting and her trying to keep me hard with her mouth, with the occasional scene of enthusiastic passion. I spend more time watching the live recording than looking at her… I stop filming after 45 minutes so I won’t be distracted anymore. A bit more good and vigorous fucking. 

8am, we can’t go on. I can’t go on. The passion is still every bit there, but the flesh is weak, so so weak. I am utterly and entirely done. I still haven’t come because of the meth, but there is literally zero energy left in my body. Every reserve has been tapped, just holding my body upright seems like a herculean task. She insists on finishing me off with her mouth. God bless her loving heart. 

8:30, after a half hour blowjob, and nine hours of semi-continuous fucking, I finally come. It’s like a volcanic eruption, I almost black out from the release. I collapse hard, immobilized for a good twenty minutes. My penis is so raw that the slightest touch is unbearably painful. Of course I can’t sleep, because, the meth, but we both feel so amazing (and exhausted). There is lube and other fluids all over the place, but we don’t care. After a rest (and a huge spliff to ease the comedown) we pull ourselves up and go get some breakfast, which we have to force ourselves to eat. 
It would be 36 hours before I got another erection. 

We never replicated the events of that night after that. We decided to flush the little bit of remaining meth because it was just too powerful a force – that shit will get you addicted so hard and so fast. As amazing as we felt during the high, the sheer misery of the comedown was almost more intense, and even in our exhaustion we were desperate for another puff. Plus I was terrified that the drug-free sex would never be as good again in comparison. 
But it remains a really great memory in my mind, and truth be told, our inhibition-free romp allowed us to discover even more about each other’s sexuality, and opened some gateways to more amazing (even drug-free) sex in the future.

– Jeremy Tschen

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