The Daily Man-Up: 9 Signs of Male Insecurity That Turn Women Off

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If a beautiful woman is insecure or shy, it doesn’t really matter to the majority of men.

Most men will still find her attractive and want to be with her even though she is a bit insecure or shy.

In fact, some guys will find it a bit of a turn on that the beautiful woman is shy and he can be more confident around her.

However, the same doesn’t apply for a woman’s attraction to a man.

Women are attracted to the emotional strengths of men such as confidence, high self-esteem and self-assuredness and turned off by emotional weaknesses such as insecurity, self-doubt and shyness.

What you may have noticed is that confident guys can easily attract women to get laid or get a girlfriend, whereas shy guys have a difficult time getting anywhere past the friend zone.

Some shy guys can get laid or get a girlfriend, but they don’t really have their choice of women because their emotional weakness turns most women off.

The 9 Signs

So, what are some of the signs of insecurity that turn women off and how can you avoid doing it?

1. Unable to maintain eye contact

If a guy is talking to a woman, he doesn’t need to stare at her in the eyes the entire time to maintain eye contact, but he does need to be able to maintain casual eye contact and keep that going for 5 seconds at a time or 10 seconds at a time.

If a guy is talking to a woman and he’s looking away and looking around and looking down and looking uncomfortable, she’s not going to be able to feel attracted to him. Women aren’t attracted to emotional weakness.

2. Being lost for words and then appearing nervous or unsure of himself

One of the main reasons why guys struggle to get laid or get a girlfriend is that they don’t really know what to say to a woman to keep a conversation going and keep it interesting.

A girl will start off a conversation and because he’s feeling so attracted to the woman and feeling unsecure about his value and worthiness to her, he’ll start to think too much and get lost for words.

Suddenly, he’ll begin to appear nervous and unsure of himself and a woman will start to feel turned off.

If a guy is confident and he is able to be present in the conversation as he talks to a woman, he’s not going to be worrying about things in his head.

His brain isn’t going to have to work hard to come up with conversation. It’s just going to flow naturally and effortlessly as though he’s talking to just any other person.

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