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12 lessons you learn or regret forever – Ladders

People Told Us About the Most Memorable Hate-Sex They’ve Ever Had – VICE

The Chargerito is a super tiny charger that you can attach to your keys – Amazon

10 Unobvious Signs That Your House Is Being Watched by Robbers – Bright Side

Newspaper prints ‘racist’ cartoon about Serena… how is this ‘racist’??? – AOL 

10 Powerful Attributes of Insanely Successful People – Entrepreneur

10 Small Habits That Have A Huge Return On Life – Darious Foroux

A Chicago Food Diary – The Ringer

10 Incredible Websites That Teach Business Leadership Skills for Free – Medium

What Was The First Modern Nude Scene? – Vulture

Crazy Deal: 100-Pack Of AA Batteries For $24! – Amazon

The man who made billions of dollars from OxyContin is pushing a drug to wean addicts off opioids – WaPo

A more simple, honest and accessible electric toothbrush – Quip

It’s better to rent than to buy in today’s housing market – CNBC

How feelings took over the world – The Guardian

8 American habits I lost when I moved to Sweden – Matador Network

Products You’ll Only Need To Buy Once In Your Life – Awesome Galore

Be a Time Wizard: How to Slow Down and Speed Up Time – The Art Of Manliness

Drone dropping a bomb on armored vehicle – GFY

Elizabeth Hurley Teets Out of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Ikigai Is Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Retirement – Financial Samurai

Dallas cop charged with manslaughter for shooting unarmed black man in his own apartment – NY Times

Parents Harvest Dead Son’s Sperm To Create ‘Designer Grandson’ – Daily Wire

Really pretty girl with beautiful body in the newd (nsfw) – Leenks

Inside Disneyland’s VIP Club 33, The Holy Grail Of Luxury For Disney Fans – Thrillist

This hot college coed is stacked! – Ehowa

Doctors Were Forced To Invent A New Tool When This 23-Inch Dildo Got Stuck In A Man’s Rectum – All That Is Interesting

Christina Hendricks Cleavage is a thing of beauty – BB Blog

Bully Gets Demolished By Cheerleader After She Sucker Punched Her! – Worldstar

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