Confessions Of A Dude With A 12″ Member

September 17, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Life Experiences

Are you at least ugly?

Average looking I suppose.

When people ask how big it is, what would you say it resembles in size?

Its as long as a 2 litre and the thickness is somewhere between red bull can and standard 12oz can.

How big is it flaccid?

8” usually

How “long” did it take for you to realize this isn’t normal? How old were you?

In terms of noticing: 7 or 8. In terms of realizing that its like something that matters: 12.

Do your parents know?

Nope, I don’t think that they do. Dont plan on telling them either…

So does the zipper on jeans just get in the way or is peeing more of a “release the kraken”-type scenario where no zipper can hold it back?

Haha I dont really use the zipper because i hang below the zipper ending so opening it would just expose the middle of my shaft.

How do you deal with an erection when you wear shorts?

Its pretty bad so I try to avoid wearing shorts.

How do people treat you for having such an interesting feature? As in; do men act more aggressive around you? Are women more flirtatious? This is what I’d personally assume would happen.

Its actually the opposite for men, usually men are shyer and more willing to want to be my friend, not sure why but thats always been the case. girls yes much more flirtatious, girls are vixens and most are not afraid to be sloooooty sometimes (touch it at a club, etc.)

Do you feel like being at the far end of the penis bell curve has opened or closed more doors for you as far as access to sexual partners is concerned?

Good question – I would say opened, mostly because I go to college, word spreads as it will and what not. I would say there have only been maybe like 5 girls total who have crossed their legs and says “noooope”

When you are in public do you find women staring at your bulge? Do they ever approach you after?

This happens all day every day in public. I think that women talk a lot about guys that look at their boobs, its the same for women, just as nosey. hahah. I don’t mind it much but like some women say “my eyes are up here” its kinda funny.

In terms of approach, not many women are brave enough to do something like that, but I sometimes will do it for them if they seem interested. I have had a dozen or so times like that where they have approached.

How many woman have propositioned you for sex just from knowing you have an unusually large member?

Total? 100s

Are women afraid of you?

Not like you’re suggesting. I’d say if anything its something that word gets around on and women are curious at the very least. Some cross their legs immediately, and that’s totally their choice.

How many partners have complained about your size? I’ve had this notion that massive is a fun novelty but isn’t really enjoyable unless you have a partner who is particular to very large ones. I wonder if it’s valid at all.

I aim to please in sex, and for me that means being careful. So I havent really had much real complaint. Nothing too bad.

What does being careful entail? Do you keep a hand on the shaft to keep it from going all the way in, or what?

Usually its a combination of, 1 – tons of foreplay, i can usually tell with my hand when we are getting closer, dilation and whatnot. 2 – lube, and playing just the tip for a while, 3 – keeping my hand at the end of the shaft (kind of like you said), but to steady it and to make sure that i can push off her or the surrouding bed if she needs it

Has anyone ever accidentally bent that thing riding you?

Its a danger but I take measures to prevent that like usually keeping a hand on the bottom of the shaft – it also protects the girl.

Have any girls ever let you try anal?

Yes and yes they survived. Not often though, not often.

How in the hell do you find condoms that fit?

Theyfit custom condoms.

Have you had a relatively long term relationship with anyone since you’ve become sexually active? 

I’ve had one long term relationship since I turned 18, it was about 10 months. She was a relatively skinny girl (probably like 125 lbs), but once we got it in stride it wasnt a problem at all. Sex every day is something we relished.

Do you have to use two hands to masturbate?

I try not to masturbate but when I do, yes.

Why do you try not to masturbate?

I have enough sex and save it for that!

Ever tried to suck you own dick?

Yes, interesting but not my cup of tea.

So your saying you can?

Yes. But its not as great as it seems!

You go both ways or just one?

I’m straight, and I’ve only done straight camming.

Does working that much as a cam model suck in it’s own ways that are maybe worse … or is it as gravy as would have you think?

Almost definitely.. you don’t even need to fuck anyone, you aren’t in a high stress environment, you work from home, you have no boss, no set hours. There are very few jobs that pay so much with so little responsibility.

There would definitely be downsides, such as getting no real work experience you can put on a resume, short career due to age, having to perform many times a day when you might be tired etc, but the upsides should far outweigh those.

How’s the pay?

Its a sliding scale, the more you work per pay period the greater % of the money they pay you get. The one that wins the most is obviously the business. If you put a lot of time into it, you can come out making 150k+ / yr

What are some downsides of having a large penis?

More than you’d think. Its very annoying to deal with sometimes in appearances in public. Sometimes it gets unwanted attention. Other times I think certain girls only like me for that. Its annoying to buy clothing for, and so on.