How Does One Get Addicted To Crack Cocaine?

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I’m going to tell you how this will go down.

Usual harm reduction practices dictate that one start low and go with the flow. This is not true for crack. You don’t want to get an underwhelming hit. That’s just waste of crack and that shit is expensive you know?

You want to try three mathchhead sized rocks. Remember to pulverize them and load. Hold the hit in for at min 30 – max 45 seconds. After 45 you wont got higher, just get a buzz from asphyxiation.

If you are pro, you will get 8 hours of euphoria out of a gram. But I will tell you how much you will smoke.

You will smoke it all. You will then check your bag for any overseen little crack pebble left behind. Then you will go on your knees on your carpet with a flashlight to look for anything you may or may not have dropped. You will look for leftovers for an hour or so, refusing to accept that there isn’t anymore. Here comes the panic phase. You will cry internally or externally. Maybe both. You will be the saddest you’ve ever been, that the crack-coaster came to a stop. You we’re just getting warmed up, you feel?

You will then call the plug to get another pizza with everything. After you eaten that pizza, you will order another one with extra everything for your new never-satisfied appetite. You are becoming a pizza enthusiast. You will spend all your cash. You will then spend everything on your primary account. Then your saving account. The pension account. You will max the overdraw on all of the cards. While you still got good credit, you may consider taking the biggest loan you can, in order to keep the euphoria going. When that tit is milked, you may want to pawn your xBox. Your Vinyl collection is worth a lot more if you sell it on Discogs one at a time, but you don’t have that time. Pawn all of them too. Continue doing this with your personal belongings until you only own a mattress and a night stand for your ye-yo paraphernalia.

Now you have nothing and want to keep the adventure going, it’s time to drain your nearest. Call your dad and tell him that things are rough. The bill (whatever bill) needs to be payed. The car fixed and you want to propose to your girlfriend, because now is the right time, and rings are expensive. Express your sincerest gratitude. Thanks dad, you are the best. Tell him you don’t want to make mom worried, so if it could be your little secret, it would be the best for the family. When the base your dad sponsored is out, go call your mom. Give her the same speech and tell her that you don’t want to make dad worried. You are now getting good at the creative side of crack addiction.

Now let’s see how much your best friends trust your crack-smoking ass. Go get coffee with them, because you really have something you need to ask him. Get him the caffeine, sit down and then start singing the blues. Tell him about your medical condition. You want to evoke sympathy. If you are good friends, getting a good amount of crack-cash should not be too hard. You haven’t told anyone about your medical problems and per extension the medical bill. This will also be your secret and tell him that you are blessed, having such a good, good friend. Now go melt dat ye-yo. You will have top-tier euphoria for weeks. Do this with all the close friends and you are now ready for fucking over secondary acquaintances.

You know that rich-kid from high-school, that were so fucking flat, uninteresting and underwhelming as a person, he resorted to buying/bribing his “friends” for company? He’s your new BFF. You are now into the this game, beyond the point of no return. You will know how to fuck him over yourself by now. After you are done with him it’s time to be creative. Here comes my favourite way to feed your bazooka-habbit.

Some people go other their boundaries, when they get desperate enough. You may have heard of the term “crack-whore”? Well, you will never have to live with that stigma. Listen here: You are a good looking boy right and there are a lot of lonely old and sexually frustrated men out there. You will pose a a rent-boy out there. Your creativity decides how much you will make. Brand yourself as a luxury escort. When you catch a perv, you will get him to come to your “place”. Throw him a dud-address. An hour before your midnight affair, pop a Xanan, Rivo or some other effective anti-anxiolytica. You will have no problems with inhibition. Greet him, lure him to a safe place and fucking mug the thirsty prick. He won’t go to the police. He will be way too ashamed. Trust me. It’s what I like to call a cunning stunt and can be repeated infinitely and you will feel morally justified for doing it. Go get them.

Sorry for going on about this, the amp is clearly working. My point is that; if you start doing crack and like it; you won’t stop before you are either bankrupt or dead. You are going to lose everything in the hunt of that overwhelming yet short acting euphoria nuke.

Experience? I almost ruined my life in two months doing freebase all day every day. Spending around 10.000 dollars on Cocaine and converting it to freebase with ammonia on a fucking spoon. Good times, but not worth it. It’s close, but not worth it. It’s really that good.

If you got this far down this damn textwall. Go look up the Crack Megathread on BL. It’s a comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your Crack. The OP describes the mythical BELLRINGER. A hit, close like an overdose, that will leave you paralyzed with euphoria for a good 45 minutes, compared to the usual 10-15 minute euphoria you get from a “regular” hit. He also goes on to describe how he is of a lonely breed: The functional crack addict and how he maintains. It’s highly controversial, even for BL. It’s worth a read.

Good luck. If you need more guidance on how to ruin your life, message me.

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