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How to Know If a Woman Likes You – The Art Of Manliness

Bill Cosby Falls Down Prison Steps After Getting Hit By Hot Dog Bun – TV Web

Seal slaps kayaker in the face with an octopus viral video you need to see to believe – AOL

Save $1,000 (yes a grand!) on this 82-inch Samsung QLED 4K TV – Amazon

‘Cosby’ actor Geoffrey Owens donates $25K gift from Nicki Minaj – USA Today

Why I Raised My Child on Feminist Porn – Hard Times

This Pretend Billionaire Threw Insane Parties for Celebs and then Vanished – VICE

Why Your Brain is Wired for Pessimism—and What You Can Do to Fix It – GQ

15 products with a cult following on Amazon, and why they’re worth it – Awesome Galore

Distracted Boyfriend meme is sexist, rules Swedish ad watchdog – The Guardian

Models with Three Boobs (Think Total Recall) Walked the Runway in Milan – WOW

How to Last Longer In Bed, According To a Sex Therapist Who Overcame Premature Ejaculation – Mens Health

Kazakhstan Set To Chemically Castrate First Of 2,000 Convicted Pedophiles – All That Is Interesting

The most professional way to admit you were wrong – The Ladders

Amazon Is Having A One-Day Sale On Everything You Need To Build Or Upgrade Your PC – Amazon

This Is How To Quit Bad Habits Without Willpower: 3 Secrets From Research – Barking Up The Wrong Tree

The 5-Minute Hack for Beating Procrastination Used by Instagram’s Co-Founder – Curiosity

Meet Loving Insta Model Cassie Amato – G-Celeb

4 Weird Signs That You Have High Testosterone – Return Of Kings

Everything You Fight Has Power Over you. Everything You Accept Doesn’t – The Mission

Paris Hilton in a Bikini of the Day – Drunken Stepfather

Financial Success Isn’t ‘Impossible’- The Simple Dollar

You can explore the garage where Google was born on Street View – Mashable

8 Things I Learned Reading 50 Books A Year For 7 Years – Medium

Ana De Armas fully newd scene (nsfw) – Celeb J

How to Stop the War in Your Head and Find Peace – Tiny Buddha

Here’s why you don’t like new music any more – AV Club

In two years, drug giant McKesson shipped 5 million pain pills to town of 400 – Charelston Gazette

Orcas, and other marine mammals, are given a plethora of drugs to deal with their captivity. These drugs include antacids (to treat ulcers from stress), antibiotics (for injuries and infections), antipsychotics, benzodiazepines (valium, again for stress), and contraceptives – The Dodo

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