10 Sex Workers Reveal The Saddest Experience They Had While On The Job

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1. I’m a former sex worker. I booked with a middle aged client and we had a lovely coffee meeting before our date. I learned that his wife had passed away a couple of years ago and he missed human contact but wasn’t ready to date anyone so he booked in with me.

Our date didn’t consist of any sexual contact. He just wanted to cuddle in bed with me in our PJ’S, and talk about his wife. He had nothing but the most beautiful things to say about her. (Usually when clients talk about their wives they’re complaining about everything their wives won’t do, calling them bitches etc. It’s gross.) He was crying and I was crying and he just talked about true love and how he never thought he would find it, and how he doesn’t know how to keep living now that he’s lost it.

It was truly heartbreaking. I’ve never really dealt with much death in my life; I’ve certainly never seen someone grieving in that way. I didn’t know how to comfort him so I just made tea and listened to him talk for two hours. It was strangely beautiful to know that someone can love someone else like that. I felt so bad for him and his broken heart.


2. I used to visit a disabled client a while back, kinda young guy late 20’s and wheelchair bound. I had a whole gamer thing going on because I love video games so I’d offer to play games with clients, have some naughty penalties if you lose that sort of thing for fun. Clients could bring their own games or I had a list.

I got a message from this guy and he wanted to play games, explained he wanted me to come over because he can’t come to me, happy to pay the outcall rates and so on. So I visited and we played some games. He wasn’t really interested in the sexy extras to it but we did do some stuff in the end. He mostly wanted to play games and talk,cuddle etc. It continued like that each time, I’d come over and we’d watch a movie or play some games then maybe do some stuff but not always. He told me that he’s lonely and has never had any experience with girls before and most friends he had abandoned him because his disability got worse and he was less active. Now the only friends he has are online in games.

I saw him regularly for about a year and a half. His mother was also aware he was seeing me and was very kind to me. She’d go out when I was there and offer me drinks and snacks. She knew what I was but felt like I made him happy so it didn’t bother her. One day I stopped hearing from him, he was a regular client for over a year so I wondered what had happened. Some guys get bored and find a new girl but in this case it seemed out of character.

I went to his house just to see how he was and his mom told me that he’d had an aneurysm and passed away a week later in hospital. It was one of the most saddest experiences of my life. He was a client but I got to know him intimately over that time and he became like a close friend. I even got invited to his funeral and accepted. It was much less awkward than you might think. Everyone was really kind to me and non judgemental despite hearing what I was to him.


3. Not my story but I knew a girl who did “rent a night” type of stuff.

Guy asks her if she could come over. Doesn’t talk about sex over the phone just if she could come over and to come hungry. She thinks he is into feeding or some shit She arrives at like 6 p.m. pretty early for her work She asks what he would like to do. He just cooks for her. A really big delicious meal later he starts to open up a but His wife had passed and always loved his cooking, but he hates cooking for himself


4. When I was a kid, my mother was a “dancer”. As an adult, I know she did more than dancing. When I was 10, my mom told me she needed to bring my brother(2 at the time) and I to work with her for a couple hours. It was a few days before Christmas. We drove to this super ritzy neighborhood. Gated community. My mom told me we were going to help someone and that even though it seemed weird, she wanted me to call the man we were going to meet Grandpa. When we went inside, the guy that greeted us was probably around 65 or 70. He had the most beautiful Christmas tree set up. Loaded with presents. We were not super well off, financially, so it was way more than I usually saw. The guy was super kind. He gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and told her he was happy to see we all had made it. My mom said, ” We missed you, dad. We are happy to be home for Christmas with you.” I felt weird, but called him Grandpa like my mom asked. He told us all the gifts were for my brother and I. We spent a few hours eating dinner with him and opening all the gifts while him and my mom talked. Then we went home. My mom told me on the way home that his family hasn’t been around for a long time. And he just wanted to feel like he wasn’t alone for Christmas.


5. I work as a cam girl. There are a lot of sad stories- dead wives, divorcees, etc., but the one that hit me was this guy, we’ll call him Steve.

Steve sends me a message during one of my public shows asking to go private. I go private with him after the show and he just wants to talk about my life. No nudity or anything, and in privates, his cam isn’t visible to me. So I sit there talking about my life for about two hours at $5/minute and he doesn’t say a word. I finally run out of things to say and he is just like, “Thanks. Can I buy your Snapchat?” Of course I say yes, I give him my Snapchat, and he signs off.

The next week, I get a Snapchat from Steve asking if we can private again. I say sure, we do the same thing. He just wants me to talk about my day and random life stories for two hours. We do this once a week for about a month before he asks to Skype (where I can see him). I agree. I still know literally nothing about this person.

It’s our scheduled time to Skype and he doesn’t pick up the call. I Snap him to make sure everything is okay and he says he’s changed his mind, he wants to do our usual thing where I can’t see him. I say okay. This time, though, he types to me and I respond.

Basically, he gives me his life story. He tells me that he is an independent software developer (won’t say which for privacy reasons) in Switzerland. He’s never had a girlfriend and is a virgin. He’s 36 years old. He has crippling social anxiety and says he hasn’t spoken to a woman face to face (not even via webcam) since he graduated from college. He says that he’s hideously ugly and felt overwhelming guilt for even looking at a woman because he felt that it was just unwanted and offensive to her. I tried to just listen and be understanding.

At the end of the conversation, he asked if he could turn on his cam and try to have a conversation with me. I agreed.

He turns on his cam, and he’s a totally average looking guy. A bit overweight, but a handsome face and a nice haircut, clean looking. I was shocked and just really sad that he thought so lowly of himself. I told him that he was very handsome and that he shouldn’t think so lowly of himself, and we just chatted about life for a few more hours that night before saying goodbye.

The next day, I get a Snapchat from Steve. He says that he felt so good about himself that he finally said hi to the front desk receptionist at work. And she said hi back and smiled. He was thrilled about this normal social interaction.

We didn’t video chat again, but he snapped me every time he interacted with somebody. Last I heard, he has a girlfriend.


6. Not a sex worker anymore but I had one gentleman come in and situate himself on the back wall out of the way of the main commotion. Quiet, bearded lumberjack type in his 40’s. I saw him watching me and his eyes follow me around the place when I got off stage. He shooed off all the other girls who came up to him.

Normally it’d be creepy but he had this very…I’m not sure how to describe it but “tired” vibe around him? One of the bouncers came and said that guy was asking for me.

So I approached and sat across his table from him. The other girls had been sitting next to him or even in his lap and he seemed to really not like that so I gave him his space.

Anyways, I just started making small talk with him and it came up his wife had recently died. He could barely get it out. He was on the verge of bawling. And of course I reminded him a lot of her, looks and personality wise. I sat and listened and spoke softly occasionally. I felt so bad for him, he was clearly broken. Eventually I gently told him that this place was a cheap and shallow substitute for what sounded like a lovely lady. It wasn’t a very good place and that he should go home because she wouldn’t be found here. But of course he was welcome to see me anytime.

He seemed better and agreed with me and he didn’t know what the hell he was doing here, he just missed her so much. He chuckled and said it was like his wife was speaking to him through me, that she would have told him the exact same thing.

He didn’t pay me at all for the hour of time he took with me but I didn’t mind. He’s one of the only patrons I’ve had that I still think about from time to time and wonder/hope he’s doing much better now.

A lot of guys would come in and just want to talk, no dances, just company, but he was by far the saddest. I’ve always said if you want to be a therapist but don’t want to get the PhD go into sex work. Half your job is going to be listening to someone vent about their problems.


7. I used to be an exotic dancer. Had an older man in his late 60’s who would come in every night I worked (early on 3-4 times a week) and spend two hours in the VIP room with me where we mostly talked. I would do 4 or 5 dances during the two hours. As he started spending more I started working less because I hated my job. I dropped down to working only 2 nights a week since I was making over $600 a night off of him.

For two years he was my only customer. I never went on stage and only danced for him. And after our time was up in the VIP room I would go home.

He would bring me lots of gifts. Flowers almost once a week and jewelry quite often. What was sad is that I knew he didn’t make a lot of money. He did well for himself only because he worked tons of overtime. He fell in love with me and felt like I was his girlfriend because we spent so much time together talking. He was twice widowed, and a very unattractive man who I knew would probably never find love again at his age. He was not very intelligent, had no real personality, and had no interests or hobbies. It made me very sad. In the beginning I felt pretty good for giving him something to look forward to.

One night he comes in and tells me he’s moving from his 2 story house into a small one bedroom apartment. I know he loved that house because he had so many good memories with his wife there, so I asked him why he was moving. He told me he went into foreclosure a year ago. He stopped paying his mortgage because he was giving that money to me. He pretty much lost everything but his truck and some small furniture. I broke inside, and started crying.

I haven’t been back to the club since. I quit dancing that night.


8. A coworker said he paid a craigslist hooker to dress up nice and go with him to his mother’s funeral and the reception afterwards because he didn’t want to be given a hard time about being alone.


9. I worked as an escort for about a year and a half. I had a regular client with a number of mental health issues in his mid-thirties. He was an Asian guy who’s family didn’t believe in mental illness. He wouldn’t socialise with anyone except for his family. He had a mental breakdown the year prior and had to quit his job. He had to sell his house and move back in with his parents. He had never had sex with anyone who wasn’t a prostitute. He had never been on a date with a woman or had any female friends.

He would book overnight appointments with me and we wouldn’t even have sex, he just wanted the company. That’s $3500 he was paying for a sleepover with me. All he would ever want to do was talk and cuddle. He once told me I was his best friend, and how sad that was considering he had to pay me, and if there was no payment, I wouldn’t even be there. Broke my heart. I cared for him very much, and still think of him from time to time.


10. Former escort here. I didn’t do it for long, had a few clients who were nice, a few who were weirdos, pretty standard stuff. One evening I am contacted by a guy for an evening dinner date, but wanted the whole evening. Nothing unusual there. I agree a price that means I’ll stick around until breakfast and he asks me to meet him at a restaurant I knew.

When I meet him in person, I couldn’t believe my eyes; this guy was gorgeous, and I mean paid model pretty. I couldn’t understand why he contacted me, the man had three stunning women eyeing him up as soon as he entered the room. Still, he was nice and sweet, although clearly incredibly nervous, so we sat and drank and talk, ate our food and generally had a pleasant evening. He took a while to open up, so I did most of the small talk to start with, but he soon opened up, and seemed like a real, genuine nice guy.

Still baffled as to why this guy needed to hire a sex worker, the meal came to an end and he started to close up again; I started to think he was a virgin who was super nervous, I pegged him for early twenties so maybe he was embarrassed about never having had sex before. I called us a cab to take us back to his place.

When we got through the door, he rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of booze (I forget what) and just started chugging. I took the bottle off him and tried to get him to relax, told him to take a breath, put on some music and to meet me in the bedroom. I stripped off for him and waited for him to come in; I figured if he was this nervous then undressing me would be tricky. Eventually he walked in, eyes turned to the floor.

I sat him on the edge of the bed, unzipped his trousers and started performing oral sex on him. He wasn’t hard, but had obviously been trying to get an erection once I left him alone. Perhaps he was semi impotent? He started breathing heavily so I thought he may be starting to relax.

After a minute of this I looked up at him to say something, and realised he was breathing heavily because he was trying to hold back tears, which wasn’t working because they were rolling down his cheeks. His face was screwed up in agony and his hands where white where he was gripping the bedsheets so hard, so I asked him what was wrong. He burst in to tears and started sobbing uncontrollably.

Turns out he was gay.

He had tried coming out to his parents, and apparently his mum basically carried on like he hadn’t said anything, but his dad just kept laughing. saying it was a phase, he would get over it. When he tried to convince his dad the feelings were real, his dad made him phone me.

We sat and talked for hours, about he had never been able to tell anyone about his sexuality, and that his parents had been the first people he confided in. He hadn’t got many friends because he was worried about being bullied, and he had always known he was gay so he had never had a girlfriend. I just cuddled him while he talked, not saying a word.

When I left in the morning he tried to give me money, but I left it on his counter after he got in the shower. I wanted to text him later, to see if he ever sorted things out with his parents, but at the time I felt like he might think I was weird because I wasn’t his friend, I was a call girl.

A few weeks later I saw his picture on the local news, and my blood ran cold because I knew the instant I saw it what had happened. There is only one reason you see a facebook photo of someone on the local news.

I heard from some friends in college that he had hung himself, because his dad basically disowned him. I feel sick everytime I think about it. Perhaps things would have gone differently if I’d have stayed in touch.


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