The Daily Man-Up

September 28, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

In study group at university

“I should go ask her about this thing so I talk to her..

Uhh.. nah that’d be kinda creepy. I should just ask the person sitting next to me. Also that guy sitting next to her and talking to her might be her boyfriend.”

In social dance group

“I’d love to ask her to dance.

Uhh.. but she’s dancing with someone else just know I wouldn’t wanna stand around her and make it look like I’m specifically waiting for her to finish. Ah just started her break and I wanna let her catch her breath.. also that guy she came with could be her boyfriend.”

In grocery store

“She seems to be alone her and confused, I should approach and offer help, maybe strike up a conversation

Uhh… you know maybe she just wants to do some shopping and to be left alone for now.. also that guy standing over here could be her boyfriend.”

In public transport

“I should casually compliment her shoes and maybe try to steer into a conversation from there.

Uhh… she’s reading now and possibly wouldn’t like to be bothered. Also the bus driver could be her boyfriend.”

Possibly anywhere

“I should try to hold long eye contact to let her know that I’m attracted to her..

Uhh.. but then what if she doesn’t feel the same and this makes her uncomfortable? I don’t wanna look like a creep. Also she probably has a boyfriend.”


In other words, I’m forever alone because I’m a weak pathetic spineless castrated coward, whose agreeableness and inability to handle even the slightest discomfort is probably going to make me die alone.

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