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30 Days to a Smarter Brain (How to Rapidly Improve How You Think) – Medium

Super thin and sleek iPhone case made of Kevlar, ridiculously durable – Amazon

3 Great Breakfast Alternatives to Set You Up For A Good Morning – Weekly Cut

Amazon increases its minimum wage to $15 for more than 350,000 workers – Engadget

Trump: ‘This is a very scary time for young men’ – AOL

How Much of a Role Did Steroids Play in the Steroid Era? – The Ringer

Deep Work: How to Develop the Most Valuable Skill of the 21st Century – The Startup

If you want to spoil your girlfriend or wife, get some of this fancy shit – Coveteur

What’s It Like To Have A Bodyguard? I Hired Three For The Day – Topic

Clapping has been banned at University of Manchester Students’ Union events to avoid triggering anxiety and improve accessibility. Students are instead encouraged to use “jazz hands” to express their support – BBC

The Cancer Breakthrough That Just Won the Nobel Prize, Explained – Popular Mechanics

This will fix all your Wi-Fi connectivity problems in your house – Amazon

Here’s what $680K buys around Los Angeles – Curbed

After-Tax Investment Amounts By Age To Comfortably Retire Early – Financial Samurai

A damn fine collection of bewbs and awesomeness – Leenks

With rental prices going up in major cities across the globe, a sizeable percentage of women report being in an unwanted sexual relationship to avoid homelessness – Broadly

Man Who Slept With 6,000 Dies the Way He Lived – Barstool

Ariel Winter Wore Daisy Dukes for the Seattle Seahawks – G-Celeb

‘Cannibal Couple’ Accused Of Eating Up To 30 People In Russia – All That Is Interesting

Lindsay Lohan gets punched in the face after accusing refugee parents of trafficking, trying to take the kids – Drunken Stepfather

Cruise Ship Refunds Passengers After 1,300 Men Took Over and Turned It Into a Giant Burlesque Show – Newsweek

No one shot in Chicago in 22-hour span – Fox 32

The US now ranks 27th in the world for its levels of healthcare and education, according to a new study. This represents a significant decline from 1990, when it ranked sixth – Business Insider

Why Ultra-Low Mileage Classic Cars Are the Worst Cars to Own – Jalopnik

10 Chilling Serial Killer Quotes That Show They Had No Remorse – Listverse

Quite possibly the worst boob job you will ever see (nsfw) – Ehowa

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