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When I moved in with my gf, she had just graduated with a masters in accounting and was working as a public accountant. I moved in after being with her for 2 weeks. At the time, I was coming out of a divorce and I was afraid of being alone. That’s why I rushed in…

Before I moved in she told me about her $80,000 in debt. She was making $60,000 a year. I stepped up and said I would pay the rent and utilities so that she would have the extra money to pay her debt down.

Its 30 months later now. She quit her job 10 months ago because she didn’t like the work load or the people she worked for. She wanted to get a CPA to make more money, she said, and she wanted to quit so that she could have time study for the exam. I supported her decision.

Then she did not study very hard, took one part, failed and decided to get a new job. She interviewed a few times. Then she decided to stop looking for work. Just told me one day… she doesn’t want to work.

Now I’m told, as a man – I need to take care of all the money things. Her college debts are my problem now. She refuses to work, she might try to make some money sewing. She says I need to support her. She tells me it’s only $1,000 a month more and that I don’t know how to spend my money and that she should manage my cash flow.

She says her loan problem is a man’s problem. I just need to make more money.

I’m feeling used – boundaries violated…

I think I should leave?

Do you agree with Tim Kennedy's link between the weaking of masculinity and mass shooters?
  • Agree 51%, 332 votes
    332 votes 51%
    332 votes - 51% of all votes
  • Disagree 20%, 130 votes
    130 votes 20%
    130 votes - 20% of all votes
  • The shooters were mentally ill. Enough said.* 16%, 105 votes
    105 votes 16%
    105 votes - 16% of all votes
  • Not Sure 8%, 53 votes
    53 votes 8%
    53 votes - 8% of all votes
  • It’s publicity they go out as a monster the same people they feared their entire life* 5%, 33 votes
    33 votes 5%
    33 votes - 5% of all votes
Total Votes: 653
August 5, 2019
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