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In 2016 CroCop claims USADA offered him a deal to turn snitch, CrCop declined and fought in Japan (article)

“In the end they offered me to revoke my suspension If I snitch another fighter. I couldn’t believe that they were humiliating me in this matter. I have my own gym, I don’t know what people use and even If I knew it – I wouldn’t tell them. I told them that they can stop me from fighting in UFC, but they will not take my soul. If organization who fights for clean sport is on such a level that they want to blackmail a fighter… Can you get any lower? I wouldn’t do this to my worst enemy. But such are the rules, I’m not mad at anybody. I should have kept quiet. I ended up being more naive than a French maid.”


After his loss, Ben Saunders ask his opponent Sergio Moraes how he beat him

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Buggy choke in an MMA fight

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Herb Dean allows fight to continue in one of the worst called fights in UFC History


Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Edson Barboza


Boxing Match in India Ends in a Double Knockout


Conor Mcgregor Study: Left hand


Leandro Higo vs. Aaron Pico


Jeremie Holloway decides to start the fight fast against Michael Page…it doesn’t go so well for him 


Head Kick Knockout!

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Favela Kombat combatant after loss

Reminds me of this…

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