The Daily Man-Up: To Have Freedom In Your Life, Stop Avoiding This One Thing

October 8, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Man-Up

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Your brain wants your life to be predictable.

Your emotions want your life to be stable.

But stability and predictability are, interestingly, how you stay stuck and in survival-mode.

You can only have freedom in your life when you leave stability and predictability behind you.

You cannot be free unless you step into the unknown.

If you’re not willing to step into the unknown, then you’re a hostage to what you know. You’re a slave to your current circumstances.

You’re a slave to your emotions.

You’re a slave to your story.

You’re a slave to the fixed-mindset you have about what you think you are.


There’s a girl I know who really loves her job. Well, she doesn’t necessarily love her job. But she loves a lot of what the job allows her to learn, experience, and do.

There is also a lot about her job that limits, frustrates, and constrains her.

In many ways, it’s clear this job — although amazing — isn’t the right fit for her. But she doesn’t want to lose all of the interesting and exciting perks that come with her job.

Her fear of loss keeps her in a place of certainty.

She doesn’t want to venture-off into a place of uncertainty, even though deep down it feels like the right thing to do.

But that’s actually the only place she can be free.

Without uncertainty, you can’t actually be free.

If you must live in a world where everything in certain and predictable, then you’re stuck in a bubble.

You’re stuck in your story and in the emotions of your past.

You’re not willing to face a future filled with unknowns. And if you’re unwilling to face a future of unknowns, then you can’t be free.

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