Famous Bands And Musicians Performing Before They Hit It Big

October 10, 2018 | No Comments » | Topics: Music

Nirvana Plays in Front of No One at Radio Shack (1988)


Green Day Playing at a High School During Recess (1990)


Rage Against the Machine’s First Show Ever at Cal State Northridge (1991)


Beastie Boys On a TV Show As a Punk Band (1983)


Mumford and Sons playing their famous “The Cave”, before it was famous, outside a Pizzeria


Pearl Jam’s First Show at the Off Ramp Cafe (1990)


U2 Live On Irish TV As Teenagers (1978)


Eminem Shows Off His Skills at a High School Talent Show


Biggie Smalls Freestyling On a Brooklyn Street Corner


No Doubt Cal State Fullerton (Dec 1994)


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